Author: Paul

More terpenes means more medical benefits

Sometimes there are many options inside Cannabis stores but they are actually tough choices. The market for cannabis in this state is severely diluted with to several weed stores that have mediocre products. These corporations come from the West area and swoop directly into the Cannabis Market. These corporations barely have to pass much of […]

Cannabis oil pens are discreet for outdoor use

Having several kids is actually and considerably harder than just a single. I did test the days when at least a single of them are frustrated and also bored. I complained an entire day of activities for our family but one location any of them seem to enjoy is the aquarium. We have gone so […]

My cousin is a veteran cannabis grower out west

Even though my cousin and I didn’t share many interests, we hung out a lot while we were growing up. He’s the son of my father’s brother, and his family is the only extended kin of mine that have always lived in the same city. The rest of our extended family tree is scattered throughout […]

Cannabis flower is the best in my opinion

Dealing with chronic mental health drawbacks is like riding a rollercoaster. There are afternoons where you’re riding up a peak at lightning speed, & others where you’re in free fall. I did my best in university to function without medication, however I no longer had that privilege once I hit the workforce. Suddenly my once-manageable […]

I prefer cannabis flower products over everything else

Dealing with chronic mental health complications is sort of like riding a rollercoaster. There are particular days where you’re riding up a peak at lightning speed, and others where you’re in a complete free fall. I did my best in high school and college to function separately from medication, even though I no longer had […]

CBD was what I needed for pain.

I had tried CBD for the nagging pain in my knees and neck. I received a sample roll-on of pain relief lotion and used it daily for a week. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my knee pain and I could sit without excruciating neck pain. I thought I would pay the price for the […]

I have a medical marijuana card, but I need CBD.

You didn’t know if you were going to get byproducts or impurities from the processing I went to the doctor to get my medical marijuana card. After all the waiting and the large sum I had to pay for the card, he told me I would get more relief from CBD than the actual marijuana. […]

My grandmother can actually function with regular CBD use

My Grandmother has been experiencing increasing joint pain since her early 50s. Since it happens to be hereditary, there wasn’t much she could do to prepare or prevent the oncoming of her symptoms. She was wary of pain medication since she watched a close buddy succumb to heroin long ago. Naturally, you’d want to avoid […]