Author: Paul

I found olive oil that is infused with cannabis

One of the best things about living in a place where recreational marijuana is legal is being able to have lots of different options. I lived in a state where medical marijuana was legal and there were very few options in the dispensary. I lived in one of the biggest cities and there were still […]

The edibles were all on sale this holiday

Every time there is a holiday, the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary near me has a sale. I was excited to see what products were going to be on sale during the Christmas and New Years holidays. I got an email and a text message from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary near me. They […]

Marijuana helps with panic attacks

Medical marijuana has been known to provide a great deal of assistance to people that suffer from panic attacks I have been suffering from panic attacks since I was a teenager. Panic attacks can be very severe. Even though they are not life-threatening, at times a panic attack can feel like the end of the […]

I always get the munchies when I smoke weed

I grew up in a rural farming community and I did not have a lot of exposure to drugs and alcohol. Some of the kids drank beers when they were teenagers, but nobody talked about drugs. I didn’t know anything about marijuana until I went to college. My friends offered me marijuana and I said […]

I forgot to grab my marijuana vape pen

Every morning I get up at 7:00 a.m. I set the alarm for 6:45 and I hit the snooze button once. I get out of bed at 7:00 and I get directly into the shower. I think an early morning shower makes me feel much more awake and ready to get the day started. After […]

The caramel pretzels balls had skittles

Last year the two of us went to a marijuana shop nearby to grab a couple of items and they had leftover distillates. There were a couple of grams of Green Crack left and the two of us were really excited to find them. They were incredibly cheap too. The two of us weren’t exactly […]

The online ordering system wasn't working

My girlfriend and I decided to order some marijuana products online. We went to the website for the dispensary. We looked at all of the different sales and specials. The dispensary had some buy one and get one for half price sales. They also had some buy two and get one for free sales. My […]

Smoking weed and drinking beer gave me a headache

This year on New Year’s eve, my friends plus myself went to a club. We don’t frequently go to the club to dance plus drink but this New Year’s Eve my friends wanted myself and others to visit with them. The two of us could have cheerfully sat at home on that Sunday to watch […]

There hasn’t been any delivery since last week

The last time I had the ability to get marijuana delivered to my door was last week. I got a delivery two days after Christmas. Then the rain started and it hasn’t stopped at all. I’ve done everything I can to get the dispensary to deliver. I offered to give the driver a big tip. […]

I like to get high after working all day

It was a really great idea to move to this neighborhood. Now I am much closer to my task as well as the nightlife. I used to live in an apartment where the buildings were all accessed from a central hallway. It was kind of appreciate a motel as well as hotel. My apartment was […]