Author: Paul

On 420, we all smoked too much cannabis

My friends and I always get together and celebrate 420. 420 or April 20th is a holiday known for marijuana parties. I’m really not sure how the holiday got started, but it has been a big deal here since marijuana was legalized for recreational smoking. Every year on April 20th, the marijuana dispensaries have a […]

The young woman had a fantastic resume

It’s genuinely crucial to be diligent when interviewing candidates for a position at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. I started laboring at the shop about 5 years ago plus I worked our way up to the employer spot 2 years ago. Since then I have managed to increase the sales at the marijuana dispensary […]

GPS really changed everything for me at least

I still labor as a delivery driver 20 years later, however now I labor for another fancy marijuana boutique. GPS or Google Maps were not around when I was growing up. If I wanted to guess how to get from one specific place to the other, I had to get out a map or an […]

Without our phone, we cannot drive around town

There are a couple of crucial things that I need to have with me when I leave the condo for work. One crucial thing is our cell phone. A lot of people might not recognize that their phone is crucial for work, although I use our phone all day for our task as a delivery […]

Medical marijuana alleviates our PTSD symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health concern that can cause a lot of unusual complications. Some symptoms of PTSD include insomnia, panic attacks, plus dire anxiety! PTSD can be a normal occurrence after someone has had a traumatic experience. I have a lot of concerns with PTSD symptoms, however medical marijuana helps a good […]

The delivery fees were nullified since I spent $150

There are a lot of odd marijuana dispensaries near me as well as many of those locales offer delivery services, however not all of the dispensaries offer free delivery, however most of the shops will waive the fee if there is a certain amount of money spent! One of the various locales near me has […]