Author: Paul

Sativa strains of cannabis are a great pick me up

Sativa marijuana strains are well known to be uplifting & energizing. When I don’t believe in getting out of bed too early in the morning, sativa marijuana strains can be a good pick me up. They stimulate our mood & make me want to get out of bed. I have suffered from clinical depression since […]

Marijuana edibles taste pretty good!

I haven’t been using cannabis products for long. I’m still not up-to-date with cannabis & all of the side effects that it can have on the body. When I started to use cannabis, it was to help me with chronic aches & pains. I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia & it causes me […]

Getting more from therapy with cannabis

Currently, I’m in two different sorts of therapy. I’m seeing a physical therapist to recover from my physical trauma. And I’m seeing a psychologist for help with recovering from the emotional and mental trauma. And I’m using the assistance of the staff from the local cannabis spot to help me get the most out of […]

My friend the cannabis grower

I love seeing my buddy just glowing these days. It’s hard to articulate just the sense I have when I’m around him. But glowing seems to be sort close. I think my dear friend is just basking in the freedom and open joy to be following his passion for cannabis legally. We are both in […]

Medical marijuana was the answer

When my wife started dealing with depression and anxiety, I was really worried about her. Maria was never really an anxious person until the past few years, and then something just happened. I’m not really sure what started it, but she has been having lots of anxiety problems. I really wanted to help her combat […]

I label all of my cannabis strains carefully

When I got serious about weed I started to label it carefully. It helped that I got one of those Cricut machines for Christmas. Have you heard of these things, they are amazing. I was able to custom print a series of labels for glass jars. I wanted to keep my strains of cannabis organized, […]

The first time I smoked cannabis

I remember being fifteen and smoking my first joint. It was at a sleepover, when several of my friends came over for my birthday. One of them brought a joint with him. At this point very few of us had ever sampled “the devil’s lettuce” before, so it felt like a big deal. We sat […]