I saw a bad accident while I was out making deliveries

A lot of accidents happen on the highway, but the highway by the interstate connects many odd stadiums plus they are all diverging in the same direction at the same time.

There seems to be an accident at that intersection every single afternoon, and i try to avoid the section whenever possible.

I could not avoid the section Last year when I had a delivery that was going downtown. The marijuana delivery was headed to a high-rise Pentcabin downtown by the river. I knew the person was genuinely going to tip me well, so I was pretty delighted about the delivery. There were a couple of odd marijuana products in the bag. I didn’t get nosy plus look inside of the customer’s bag, however it wasn’t genuinely heavy. The total for the order was $118. The lady gave me $140 plus told me to keep the change. I was feeling pretty delighted when I left the pentcabin garage. I got out into the traffic pretty suddenly plus things were moving faster than I expected; Suddenly a truck stopped suddenly plus I saw a small automobile slam right into the back of the truck, but another automobile hit the automobile behind that… Everything happened genuinely suddenly. Traffic was stopped swiftly plus I couldn’t go someplace. I saw the whole accident, so I had to talk to the police department. I still had three more marijuana deliveries in my car. I tried to tell the officer that I had to leave, however he told me that I was a witness in a police investigation plus it would be against the law for me to leave the scene of the accident before correctly speaking with the police department.


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