My friend Sam & I got lost after smoking cannabis

I have the weekends off & on Saturdays I love to go for a long, relaxing drive out to the grand canyon or to the beach.

I dislike having to stay in the city, because I spend every single morning in the city listening to the sounds of the traffic & the train.

When I have the whole weekend off & time to myself, I love to go away from the city to be alone in nature. The canyon is about a 45 minute drive from the area where I live & so is the beach. The beachside truly might be about 15 to 20 minutes further, however I don’t mind. Both drives are quite charming & filled with amazing scenery & breathtaking views. Some friends of mine, including Sam, wanted to go to the canyon with me on Saturday. It sounded love a lot of fun to take a long hike with our pals & our best neighbor Sam proposed my pal and I take some recreational marijuana supplies, and recreational marijuana supplies sounded love an awesome system & a perfect way to enhance the whole experience that morning, however Sam showed up with a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints. The pre-rolled marijuana joints had been infused with terpenes & live resin. They were actually the best pre-rolled marijuana joints that I have ever sampled. I have never paid for the pre-rolls in the marijuana dispensary. They are strong and pretty luxurious & now I see why. I was so baked from smoking the marijuana joint that I almost got us lost on the way to the canyon. I miss that exit off the interstate & Sam and I want 25 miles out of our way.

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Sativa strains of cannabis are a great pick me up

Sativa marijuana strains are well known to be uplifting & energizing.

  • When I don’t believe in getting out of bed too early in the morning, sativa marijuana strains can be a good pick me up.

They stimulate our mood & make me want to get out of bed. I have suffered from clinical depression since I was very young. Depression has always run in our family. My mom committed suicide when I was 12 & our Mom turned to drugs when he could no longer deal with the depression. When I started feeling the symptoms of depression, our Grandparents observed immediately & took me to a local dentist so they could write me a prescription. The depression pills labor for a while, however I have found that smoking sativa marijuana strains are even better. When I wake up in the morning, I smoke a bowl of recreational & medical marijuana. Sativa strains love Jack herer, durban poison, Maui wowie, & orange dream supreme are some of our favorites. From time to time, the dispensary will get unusual things & I love trying them all. Some 6 weeks ago, the marijuana dispensary got a more up-to-date sativa strain that was covered with gooey crystals. The product was much more luxurious than anything I would normally buy, but it looked so nice & I wanted to try it. I bought a sixth of the sativa strain. I waited until the weekend to try the up-to-date sativa. My friend & I were supposed to spend that morning at the beach & it was the perfect time to break out the up-to-date sativa strain.
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I had a good time at the cannabis dispensary

This year, 420 was on a Thursday.

All of my friends & I wanted to start the weekend off with a bang, so most of us asked our bosses to get that morning off.

I labor at a grocery store in the city. I started working there when I was a teen & now I am the produce director. 1 of our friends works at the diner in the morning & another 1 of our friends works as a heating & a/c repair man. My associates and I all took the morning off. On the morning of 4:20, my pal and I started off our morning by going to the locale that was supposed to be giving away a grab bin worth more than $250, and you had to be a single 1 of the first 100 people through the doors, so our friends & I got there truly early in the morning & went to that locale. My associates and I sat in line outside of the marijuana dispensary for 3 minutes so my pal and I could be a single 1 of the first people to get there. Inside of our grab bag, each a single of us got an assortment of items. My associates and I all had the same genre of items, but my pal and I each had something that was vastly unusual & luxurious. Inside of our grab bin was a luxurious package of infused marijuana pre rules. One of our friends scored a half ounce of marijuana & another a single of our friends ended up with a half gram package of live rosin. My associates and I managed to visit many unusual marijuana shops that morning & my pals and I got free stuff everywhere that my pal and I went. By the end of 420, our feet were weary from sitting in line.

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The accident kept me from getting to the cannabis dispensary on time

I begged the man to let me come inside

I have to labor Monday through Thursday at the dog food factory. My shift is over by 9:00 p.m. The marijuana dispensary near me closes at 10:00 p.m. On Thursdays this locale has such a good deal on all of their products in the weed store. Everything in the dispensary is 20% off. They also have a couple of mix & match deals that allow me to buy many additional products & get a single 1 for free. I dislike missing the sale on Thursday, because it is the only morning while in the week when everything in the cannabis store is included in the sale. I left the factory 5 minutes after 9:00. I knew that there was going to be a lot of traffic getting out of the parking lot because I did not get a good spot close to the exit ramp, and by the time I truly made it to the interstate, it was 9:30. There was a major accident right after the exit. If I had known about the accident, I would have done our best to try to avoid that area altogether. Instead, I was stuck in traffic & I did not get to the marijuana dispensary until it was only 10:02. I was walking up to the door as the director was closing the locale up to lock things up. I begged the man to let me come inside. I told him that I knew exactly what I wanted so I would not be wasting any time shopping. She agreed to let me come into the dispensary because there wasn’t anyone else around in the parking lot.
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The new weed shop was going in an aged bank building

Near the downtown section of town there has been an aged bank building for at least 150 years… For the last 10 or 15 years, the bank has been vacant, then nobody has been inside of the building at all.

Heavy moss, ivy, & trees have overgrown the outside of the building.

I love to take a stroll downtown where there is a nice trail that goes right past the aged bank building, and some months back I observed that someone unaffixed all of the trees & vines from the building. The following week I observed there were people inside of the building working. I was truly intrigued to figure out what was inside of the aged bank vault. I started to do some research & I looked online at all of the legal and civil documents; Everything that has to go through the courts is truly listed online & the public has access to almost everything. I was able to find out that a Western marijuana company bought the building. The marijuana company has many unusual dispensaries on the western coast. I found out that the marijuana company was going to open a brand up-to-date marijuana dispensary in that building. The up-to-date business is going to be in an entirely cool building & I can’t wait to see what the marijuana dispensary will look like. It looks love they have a lot of labor to do before the marijuana dispensary will be able to open for business. I keep walking by the building week after week to see all of the changes & a single morning there will be an “open for business” sign.
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The pot dispensary was filled to capacity

My fiance Ed & I frequently order products from the marijuana delivery service, but it was such a charming morning that Ed and I decided to drive to a more unusual dispensary on Saturday, however the weather was truly calm & bright.

There wasn’t 1 single cloud in the sky & there was no rain at all, but Ed and I drove down the coast about 30 minutes to a dispensary that is right by the beach. Ed and I loved spending a few minutes at the beach before going to the dispensary on the way to our apartment from our outing, but when Ed and I got to the dispensary, my pal and I observed that the whole locale was filled up. The dispensary parking lot was filled with cars. There was a line outside of the door & Ed and I had to wait almost 15 minutes before the security guard even took care of our id, and once Ed and I were inside of the building, my pal and I had to wait in the small seating area. There were about many or more than four chairs, but there were truly a dozen people sitting & sitting around. Ed & I waited a truly long time before my pal and I truly got back to talk with a budtender, but it was well worth waiting to go to the dispensary, because Ed and I got a lot of good deals. This particular dispensary is consistently busy due to the sales & specials. Ed and I picked out a lot of unusual edibles, concentrates, & dried marijuana flour. Ed and I even ended up with a couple of sixths of dried marijuana flowers that were only $5 each. It’s no wonder there were so many people waiting outside to get in the building.


The pot dispensary was filled to capacity

My friend the cannabis grower

I love seeing my buddy just glowing these days.

It’s hard to articulate just the sense I have when I’m around him.

But glowing seems to be sort close. I think my dear friend is just basking in the freedom and open joy to be following his passion for cannabis legally. We are both in our late 40’s and we met at a party when we both stopped some people from messing up pot brownies. We both shared a deep affinity for recreational marijuana. But it also went deeper than that for each of us. I don’t like to use words like sacred but there was a certain gratitude and preciousness that we held for sativa and indica. It was almost like it matched up with our DNA or something. We were bonded to marijuana in a much different way than most of our friends. My buddy took it to the next level and had a small cannabis grow in his house. And he kept working on new cannabis strains for nearly 30 years while holding down a day job he wasn’t all that thrilled with. Then came to opportunity for him to be a legal cannabis grower in this state. A bunch of us kicked in the money to get him set up legally. And now, he is one of the premier cannabis growers in the region if not the state. Getting a return on my marijuana business investment was the least of my hopes. I just wanted to see my buddy glow like he does now that he heads up his own marijuana grower.

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Getting more from therapy with cannabis

Currently, I’m in two different sorts of therapy.

I’m seeing a physical therapist to recover from my physical trauma.

And I’m seeing a psychologist for help with recovering from the emotional and mental trauma. And I’m using the assistance of the staff from the local cannabis spot to help me get the most out of both therapies. I endured a random act of violence and survived. That’s the most important thing that I try to keep in front of me. I’m alive and have a life I want to lead. But I also have a recovery to focus on as well. I was broken both mentally and physically after the event and cannabis products are helping me find a new normal. I think that is one of the marijuana benefits that I wasn’t quite expecting. There is a hopefulness that comes through when I’m using either indica, sativa or hybrid strains. Yet, each one of these also works in specific ways for specific parts of my recovery. The indica strains are the most helpful when it comes to getting all I can from my physical therapy. The indica strains help so much with inflammation and range of motion. When it comes to my talk therapy, the sativa products work best for me. Sativa helps me feel safe in my own skin and be positive about going forward. And hybrid strains are something that I’m still learning about. But I’m just so grateful to live in a state where I can access a cannabis dispensary. Without access to my local cannabis spot, I’m not sure just where I’d be on my road to recovering from what happened to me.
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I went to visit the west coast before moving for good

It was a certainly large deal to move to the West Coast plus I wanted to be sure that it was a decision that I would not regret. I visited the area multiple times before I moved, however the reason why I decided to move is due to the legalization of recreational plus medical marijuana. I have a problem with muscle spasms that is getting worse as I get older plus medical marijuana helps the problem a great deal. I wasn’t living in a locale with legal recreational or medical marijuana laws. I visited the West Coast multiple times plus during those visits I was certified for medical marijuana plus I tried multiple products. I knew there was no way that our neighborhood or state was going to change the laws anytime soon, so I finally decided to move last August. I found an apartment plus a roommate, however each 1 of us paid $900 for a month of rent. I’m about 40 minutes from the beach plus there are lots of amenities close by enjoy a gym, eating establishments, cars, plus shopping. I found a job working at a bank in the loan department, then no 1 around here cares if you smoke marijuana plus I did not have to take a drug test when I was hired to labor at the bank. I get certainly great deals on recreational marijuana plus I am using the products to help calm down the muscles in our body. I’m hoping that the medical professional will be able to find a way to help now that I am seeing a specialist.


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My new job at the medical marijuana dispensary is great

I am really loving my new job at the medical marijuana dispensary here in town.

I have been working here for less than a year, but it’s still one of the best jobs that I have ever held in my entire life.

I can’t even explain why I love it so much . I never thought that I would ever work in the cannabis business, but here I am. I used to be against medical marijuana or recreational marijuana for any reason. If you had told me years ago that I would want to learn all about medical marijuana products, I would have laughed at you. I never in a million years thought that I would end up working in the medical marijuana business. Now, though, I am completely invested in the process. I am very much pro medical marijuana these days. I always knew that people could change over the years when it comes to things like that, but I never thought that it would happen to me. Now that I’ve been working at this medical marijuana dispensary here in town for almost a year, I have learned so many different things about medical marijuana products and the people who use them. I have also learned about all of the ways that medical marijuana products are helpful for people who deal with things like chronic pain. Medical marijuana also can help with inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. It is really great for treating things like that. I am so glad that I started working here! I learned different things all the time and my customers are wonderful.

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Medical marijuana was the answer

When my wife started dealing with depression and anxiety, I was really worried about her.

Maria was never really an anxious person until the past few years, and then something just happened.

I’m not really sure what started it, but she has been having lots of anxiety problems. I really wanted to help her combat this, but I didn’t know what to do. She went to see a therapist for a while, but they wanted to put her on medications. She said that she was not interested in taking anything for her anxiety, but then we did some research about medical marijuana. Medical marijuana gummies have really ended up being the answer for Maria. The medical marijuana gummies that she has been taking have really helped her with her anxiety and depression over the past couple of years. Ever since she started to use medical marijuana gummies, she has been doing so much better. Her moods are so much better, and she does not suffer from anxiety the way that she used to. When she first told me that she wanted to start trying medical marijuana gummies, I wasn’t sure about it. However, now I am really glad that she gave it a try. The medical marijuana gummies have really been great for her and I am glad that she tried them out. She takes them on a regular basis, and she does not have any side effects from them at all. I would suggest them for anyone who is dealing with the same kind of problems that she is.


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The first time I smoked cannabis

I remember being fifteen and smoking my first joint.

  • It was at a sleepover, when several of my friends came over for my birthday.

One of them brought a joint with him. At this point very few of us had ever sampled “the devil’s lettuce” before, so it felt like a big deal. We sat out on the back porch, late at night after my folks were asleep, and all got high. Of course we were a bunch of inexperienced kids, so we all started hacking and coughing, which in turn woke up my parents. Boy did I get a major lecture about the dangers of smoking cannabis! I only bring this up because now the shoe is on the other foot, and last weekend I caught my parents smoking cannabis on that same back porch! They are both retired at this point, and well into their golden years, but I was still shocked to see them getting stoned on indica cannabis. I tried to be angry with them, but they explained how they weren’t being hypocrites on the subject of cannabis. When they reprimanded me for smoking marijuana, they were ignorant about all the medicinal benefits it had. In the 20 years since they have learned quite a bit about cannabis. They both also have legal medical prescriptions for marijuana, so they weren;t breaking the law. I took a seat across from them, and pulled out my own little sack of OG Kush. We spent the next few hours laughing, talking, and smoking cannabis together. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.


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I label all of my cannabis strains carefully

When I got serious about weed I started to label it carefully.

It helped that I got one of those Cricut machines for Christmas.

Have you heard of these things, they are amazing. I was able to custom print a series of labels for glass jars. I wanted to keep my strains of cannabis organized, but I also wanted to have something cool as a centerpiece for the mantle. In the old days I would smoke whatever I could get my hands on, but thanks to the advent of modern cannabis dispensaries the sky’s the limit! I currently have six different strains of cannabis on hand, of both the sativa and indica varieties, to use depending on my mood. It is important for me to keep them all clearly labeled, because each strain of cannabis has a slightly different effect on me. Late and night when I want to chill out and watch a movie while falling asleep, I will always choose a mellow indica strain. When I need to focus on my writing for a few hours I pick one of the more high-octane strains of cannabis sativa. I am not a savvy enough marijuana connoisseur to distinguish the different strains by odor. I’m sure that after a few years I will be able to identify any cannabis strains by sight or smell alone, but I’m not there yet. For now I need to keep my weed separate and everything clearly labeled, so I know which one is Purple Haze, which is OG Kush, and which is Blue Dream.


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