I made the most awesome discovery at the cannabis dispensary

You can never guess what kind of awesome thing you will discover at the cannabis dispensary.

  • I used to make our orders online, then swing by the drive-through window to option them up.

I would go to the same store, as well as order the same stuff, which in retrospect seems pretty boring. That was a while ago, because now I have a completely odd perspective. Cannabis dispensaries acquire new as well as exciting products each week, so by not going inside I totally missed out on them! I also wasn’t aware that the cannabis dispensaries had sale tables, where they have older items discounted to a undoubtedly low price. To be clear, the sale tables are not the way to get the freshest cannabis strains of the most exciting vape accessories. The sale table is where they put all the cannabis products that no a single wanted to pay full price for! The longer something sits on the sale table, the lower the prices get, which is how I scored a six-pack of cannabis fruit drinks for two bucks. The cannabis drinks were supposed to expire the next day, so they had been marked down 90% from the original price! That was too sweet a deal to refuse, especially since I had never tried cannabis drinks before. It took me 3 days to imbibe all of the cannabis drinks, as well as I was stoned out of our mind the entire time! I don’t think that cannabis drinks are typically this strong, or if being expired gave them some extra zing, however they were an awesome discovery..

Changing my thinking about cannabis

I live in a small university town, where about half the local population is made up of students.

The students come here from all over the country, as well as many of them have never been this far south before. This means that every year when the hurricane season starts there are so many young people who have no clue how dangerous it can be. I live outside of town, as well as our next door neighbors are a large group of university adolescents. During the last hurricane I went over to check on their safety after the power went out, as well as found them smoking cannabis as well as playing Beer Pong. Here I was being worried as well as stressed, as well as these dudes were having a grand seasoned time with marijuana, vodka, as well as beer. I made my choice to relax as well as not worry about the storm. Smoking a few tokes of high-caliber cannabis helped to ease me into a very chill mindstate, however eating a 10mg cannabis edible reinforced our choice. I was sitting on the couch for more than one straight hours. All of us had a killer time that night, as well as it forever changed the way I prepare for a hurricane. I still get a bunch of canned food as well as bottled water, as well as gas for our generator, but I also stock up on medical cannabis as well as cannabis edibles, too! As dangerous as a Cat 5 hurricane can be, the stress as well as worry can be just as dangerous, as well as cannabis entirely helped take the edge off. I keep a vacuum-sealed jar in the pantry with an emergency back-up supply of medical cannabis to prepare for the next sizable storm.



My first trip to the cannabis dispensary

Which is why I kept driving out to Crazy Sam’s farm to buy cannabis from him – because she was the only game in town.

I used to have to get all our weed from Crazy Sam who lives on a farm outside of town, for years that was the only option, unless I wanted to start growing our own plants at home. Believe me, I tried doing that more than once! I just don’t have a talent for botany, as well as every attempt I made towards growing marijuana ended up a complete failure. Which is why I kept driving out to Crazy Sam’s farm to buy cannabis from him – because she was the only game in town. I was so thankful when a proper cannabis dispensary opened a few miles from here, because it meant I never had to see Sam again! I learned a few interesting things from our first trip into the cannabis dispensary. The largest thing I realized was that the marijuana Crazy Sam had been selling me was of a undoubtedly bad quality. Think about it this way – if you’ve never had a real hamburger before, then the McDonald’s burger is pretty great, right? That’s how it was for me as well as cannabis! I had never smoked any real top-quality cannabis before, so I thought that this gnarly, ragweed from Crazy Sam was top notch! After a few puffs of Purple Haze in the parking lot I saw the truth. Not only did Crazy Sam carry a gun with him at all times, she was also peddling sub-par cannabis to people who didn’t think any better! Now that we have a proper cannabis dispensary in town, I guess that Crazy Sam is going to lose all of her customers.

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A proper hurricane celebration with booze as well as cannabis

Right now the whole neighborhood is in a total panic.

All of us have barely reused from the big hurricane that hit us a few weeks ago, as well as now another is on the way! Count your blessings if you are far enough north that you don’t need to contend with these vicious storms.

A storm is just a storm, although a hurricane feels more like a storm that has anger issues as well as wants to hurt people! The last hurricane wiped out an entire trailer park south of town, as well as shut down almost all dealerships for many days, and before the new storm hits I need to make sure to stock up on the essentials, mostly vodka as well as cannabis. I did the exact same thing before the last hurricane, as well as it was a true life-saver! Not in the literal sense, of course, cannabis did not undoubtedly save our life. It did help to save our sanity, because spending 3 days with no Wi-Fi or electricity would have been next to impossible if I didn’t have cannabis as well as booze on hand! I call it my “hurricane celebration” as well as deliver myself permission to drink as much booze as well as smoke as much marijuana as I can. This is why other people dread hurricanes but I look forward to them – because even in a worst case scenario I will be sipping my cocktails as well as smoking fat blunts of Blue Dream or Purple Haze. I even keep a few cannabis edibles in the house, just for a greater depth of our high. The only concern is that no matter how much cannabis I buy, I typically wind up smoking it all while every one of us were in the storm.
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The smartest way to shop for bargain cannabis

Here is a tip for you rookie cannabis smokers – don’t restrict your supplier to a single store, or even to a single strain of cannabis. It is very important to sample around with various products, as well as to explore all the stores as well as dispensaries around you. This isn’t the same thing as McDonalds, where every store is always exactly the same. There are several thousand odd cannabis dispensaries in this country, as well as most of them are undoubtedly odd from each other. I started making a biweekly tour of all 6 of the local cannabis dispensaries, so I could learn what new products that had earned, as well as find out if they had any nice bargains. It might not be super sexy to admit to bargain-hunting for cannabis, however it has saved me a ton of currency over the past few weeks, then did you think that most cannabis dispensaries have a sales bin, or the bargain section? Granted, the sale bin will not contain the freshest or most exotic strains. In fact, many times it will be cannabis products that no a single wants to buy as well as are about to hit their expiration date. Sometimes there will be a good find, prefer the time I found a six-pack of fruity cannabis drinks in the sale bin. It was sparkling fruit juice infused with cannabis as well as CBD oil. I had never tried cannabis drinks before as well as they were deeply discounted, so I tried them out. My point is that you have to do the research, as well as see what all the various cannabis dispensaries have to offer, so you can make a smart as well as financially sound purchase.


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My favorite customers at the cannabis dispensary

The largest bummer for me is that our wife doesn’t smoke cannabis, which is something I wish we could share together

Every week the same elderly couple comes into our dispensary. It is Always on a Tuesday day, right after they finish with their evening church services. They typically take their sweet time walking around the store, checking out all the new products that might have come in that week, before they make their selection. They only ever buy 3 grams of cannabis, which evidently is enough to last them for the whole week. I will smoke 3 grams of cannabis per day by myself, however the old timers smoke at a slower pace I suppose. Their names are Judy as well as Max, as well as they have smoked cannabis together for over fifty years. It’s a enjoyable story for the ages, as well as almost everyone working here at the cannabis dispensary loves them to pieces, last year for their 52nd wedding anniversary all the cannabis dispensary employees chipped in to get them a bouquet of flowers as well as a big sack of cannabis, however judy as well as Max grew their own cannabis plants at house for over thirty years before the legalization reform happened! Max enjoys to joke that cannabis was only legalized because the government knew she was too seasoned to keep growing her own weed. The largest bummer for me is that our wife doesn’t smoke cannabis, which is something I wish we could share together. Cannabis is a good way to bond with someone, because sharing a high together can be incredibly intimate. A lot of enduring friendships have formed over a bowl of cannabis! Even if our wife never gets high on cannabis with me, I hope that every one of us can have as long as well as lovely a relationship as Judy as well as Max.


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My survivalist friend grows killer cannabis

I am friends with a rather unusual chick named Sam, however I should add that she as well as I aren’t exactly “friends” per se, just a couple of people with mutual interests, and Sam is what you would call a survivalist! Sam has a cottage outside of my neighborhood which she has fortified in case the world comes to an end… You’ve heard of the cable TV show titled Doomsday Preppers, right? Sam is a single of those people, convinced that society will collapse any day now.

I don’t agree with Sam’s view of the world, but I can’t argue with her preparation! When the area got slammed with a major hurricane, I went over to Sam’s house to ride it out.

Sam had food, water, as well as enough cannabis on hand to last for many years. Nobody said that doomsday preppers couldn’t also be cannabis preppers! Along with growing patches of veggies as well as medicinal herbs, Sam also maintains a sizable group of cannabis plants. To a girl prefer Sam, cannabis is as vital a resource as food or water; Not only because Sam enjoys smoking cannabis, however because it is something that can be bartered or exchanged for other things. When you live off the grid this way, cannabis is as nice as currency. Sam is our proper cannabis dealer, however she is also the chick I turn to when I am in trouble. It’s fun to hang out with him while every one of us were in major weather events, because Sam has a power generator, a water purifier, as well as many pounds worth of amazing homegrown cannabis in reserve. That is the right way to prepare for doomsday!

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Make Love, Grow Cannabis

Working for a cannabis dispensary gives myself and others access to some very interesting people over the years.

  • I have worked here for a while, but now is the first time where recreational use is also legal.

Business is booming! The store still gets most of our regulars, however I did notice that the married couple Sam as well as Ed had stopped coming in. I reached out to them 1 night, to make sure they were feeling okay. It turns out that all the new customers made the lines too long, so Sam as well as Ed had been ordering their cannabis products online. I told Ed to just call the orders into our cannabis dispensary, as well as I would supply them myself. It wasn’t about the currency, it was about taking care of these sweet seasoned people. Sam as well as Ed have shared a loved affair with each other, as well as with cannabis, for almost fifty years! Ed told myself and others about how they used to grow their own marijuana plants throughout the 70s as well as the eighties. The only reason they stopped was because they were never entirely great at it, as well as the cannabis that was sold at the dispensary is far superior to their crops. After that I started taking the cannabis orders from Ed over the cellphone, then making the delivery on our way home from work. If you are wondering why I would go through this much extra trouble for people I hardly know, then you must not be a cannabis smoker yourself. In the cannabis community every one of us look out for each other, because marijuana brings us all closer together as human beings.

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A terrifying tale of cannabis

The following story is accurate.

  • Although it may sound love a horror movie, it’s legit.

The proper report is filed with the local sheriff’s department, but they have flat-out told myself and others there is nothing they can do to help me. The heart of the matter is stranger than fiction, as well as the fact I am still alive means that I am so very lucky. I should have died that night, as well as no 1 would have ever found our body. It started during a very long hike through a new section of the forest, where I stumbled across a sizable cannabis patch. There were thousands of cannabis plants all around, as far as the eye could see. I was too amazed by the sight of all this attractive marijuana to be frightened, but I should have been terrified! In the motion pictures potheads as well as cannabis users are usually depicted as being goofy as well as moronic, but self-explanatory-going people. In reality, the guys who ran this cannabis farm were violent criminals, as well as they started shooting at me with their guns! Can you imagine, enjoying the sights as well as stinks of a cannabis field ready to be harvested, as well as then having bullets whizzing past your head? I ran as fast as I could, so I didn’t dare to look back at the cannabis field as I made our retreat, but later I realized I had dropped our cellphone in the cannabis field, which means the farmers could know who I am! I’m afraid to even go back to our apartment, because deranged cannabis farmers could be kneeling in wait for me. The police don’t care, so what can I do?

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There was a long line outside the cannabis dispensary

The stodgy seasoned politicians who run the state were adamantly opposed to legal cannabis reform, but the voters overruled them! It’s times love this that I like democracy

First thing this afternoon I went over to the gas station. Because the hurricane is supposed to hit the section tomorrow, there was a sizable line of cars waiting for fuel. After that I went to the local grocery store, where there were also sizable lines! When a hurricane this ugly starts getting close, almost everyone runs out to get supplies. After finishing up with the grocery store, I strolled next door to the local liquor store as well as loaded up on beer as well as bourbon, however finally, I went to visit the cannabis dispensary, as well as found the longest line of the day! It seems that almost everyone had the exact same idea, which was to load up on cannabis in case the storm wipes us all out. Normally the waiting time at the cannabis dispensary is no more than 15 to 20 minutes, but today I had to wait for almost 45 minutes. There are a lot of stupid rules as well as regulations from the state about the operation of a legal cannabis dispensary. Basically the politicians put a ton of extra restrictions on these businesses because they are still butthurt about losing the vote over cannabis legalization. The stodgy seasoned politicians who run the state were adamantly opposed to legal cannabis reform, but the voters overruled them! It’s times love this that I like democracy. The newest laws state that only 6 customers can be inside the cannabis dispensary at once, which is why the waiting time is so long! After about 45 minutes I finally got inside the cannabis dispensary then stocked up on all the storm supplies I needed for the coming week.

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Cannabis farmers can be really horrifying

Every year almost 20 thousand people go missing in the forests of America never to be seen again.

If this sounds similar to the premise of a horror movie, you’re right! It’s absolutely been the premise for 8 or 10 different horror motion pictures in the last five years. Also, it happens to be true! So many people vanish in the woods of this nation every single year without a trace. Where do they go? Some People believe all manner of deranged theories, love Bigfoot, or abduction by Aliens. I have another theory, 1 that is much more grounded in reality. I believe that a lot of these people run afoul of cannabis farmers in the deep woods, as well as are not allowed to escape. If you believe this sounds deranged then you obviously have never been to an illegal cannabis farm. Way out deep in the boondocks there are survivalists as well as hillbillies that grow cannabis as a fast-money crop, as well as protect their livelihood with guns as well as violence. The friendly town cannabis dealership may be entirely peaceful as well as happy, but the people who grow the crops are nothing at all like that. These are not the placid, Zen-like hippies you have seen on TV, because cannabis farming is severe and dangerous business with shocking consequences. There was a cannabis growing operating in CA was was eventually tried for a series of ten murders. When someone snuck into their cannabis farm, they would be killed. Isn’t that horrifying? Medical cannabis is such an amazing way to enhance life, it’s shocking to learn that it is grown by such terrifying people. Think about that the next time you’re at the local cannabis dispensary.

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Cannabis keeps me relaxed

Depending on where you live in the state, you could be right in the cone of the hurricane! The last hurricane was a dandy named Ian, which hit this section about a month ago.

I was lucky, because I saw very little intense weather at all.

It rained a lot, as well as was windy, but for the most section the storm left myself and Ed unscathed, now there is another substantial storm heading our way, as well as I am praying that I will get lucky for the minute time in a row, and just in case I am not lucky, I made sure to stop by the cannabis dispensary this afternoon as well as stock up on our favorite products. If I have to lose power as well as wireless thanks to the storm, I need to have enough cannabis on hand to keep myself and Ed sane! There are numerous documented health benefits from using medical cannabis, but for myself and Ed the biggest benefit is that it makes myself and Ed happy, but when I was teenager our parents made myself and others see a therapist, as well as the therapist put myself and Ed on some “happy pills.” Medical cannabis makes myself and Ed much happier as well as more relaxed than the pills ever did! So you see that having an ample complement of cannabis on hand for the hurricane isn’t just about getting stoned as well as having fun, I also see it as an entirely crucial form of medicine. I wouldn’t want a sick person to be denied their medicine just because of a hurricane, as well as in our case that medicine is cannabis. Without cannabis Ed and I will start to get depressed, as well as that’s no way to assume during a hurricane.

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We made quite a surprising discovery at sea

Both of us moved the cannabis into the trunk of Bob’s car, as well as managed to get it back home

Bob as well as I often take his fishing boat out into the gulf for a few minutes of fishing. Both of us had very intense as well as demanding jobs, so the times when every one of us both got the same day off Bob and I try to turn it into an escape. Both of us leave our cellphones behind, grab fishing poles, as well as ride out to the open water where real life cannot interrupt our leisure. A few weeks ago something pretty strange happened, as well as now Bob as well as I are both too uneasy to go back on the boat! In the middle of a nice, lazy afternoon every one of us saw something rectangular floating nearby, as well as it turned out to be a 100-pound tile of cannabis. I can only believe that it fell off a smuggler’s boat as they were sneaking an illegal marijuana into the country. Bob and I really should have left the cannabis where it was, in case the original owners came looking. Bob and I also could have called the police to report the marijuana, which every one of us also did not do. Instead Bob hauled the cannabis onboard, hid it under some tarps, as well as went back to shore. I know that Bob smokes a lot of cannabis, as well as so does his wife, however I rarely touch the stuff. I wasn’t interested in the shipment cannabis for my own personal use anyway, I was thinking about selling it for a tidy profit. Both of us moved the cannabis into the trunk of Bob’s car, as well as managed to get it back home. I am waiting for Bob to talk to his normal cannabis dealer to see how much every one of us can sell it for.

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