I was ready to smoke a joint after the various hour plane trip

My bestie’s parents invited us to go on holiday with them to a tropical island… It was a 6-hour plane trip to get to the tropical island as well as I wasn’t truly gleeful about the trip.

  • It was my first time on an airplane as well as I was truly nervous.

I smoked some recreational marijuana before the people I was with and I got on the plane, but I wasn’t able to smoke any other recreational marijuana products until after the people I was with and I landed. I was ready to smoke a joint after the 6-hour plane trip, but the people I was with and I had to go through customs as well as then I had to wait on the side of the road for a taxi. It was almost 12 hours before I finally had the opportunity to smoke marijuana because I had to find someone local that was selling weed. I couldn’t take marijuana on the plane, because I did not want to risk getting caught, however luckily the woman in the lobby had some marijuana products for sale as well as they did not charge truly much money either. It was some of the best bud that I have ever smoked. I got some more marijuana products from the same woman a couple of afternoons later as well as the bud was just as nice as the first batch. I asked the woman if she had any edibles, because my bestie does not like to smoke. She told myself and others that there was a woman on the other side of the island that sells edibles but it was a 2-hour drive through the jungle, and the people I was with and I decided to stay on the side of the island where the resort was located for our safety.

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On 420, we all smoked too much cannabis

My friends and I always get together and celebrate 420.

420 or April 20th is a holiday known for marijuana parties.

I’m really not sure how the holiday got started, but it has been a big deal here since marijuana was legalized for recreational smoking. Every year on April 20th, the marijuana dispensaries have a huge sale and they give away prizes. When my friends and I celebrated our first 420, we all smoked too much cannabis. I may have had too much tincture as well. When we went to the first marijuana shop, they were giving away 500 mg bottles of marijuana tincture with the purchase of any dispensary products. Each one of my friends and I ended up with one of the 500 mg bottles of marijuana tincture. We decided to drink the whole bottle even though the recommended dose is only 10 mg. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. The tincture seemed to be just fine alone, but I got really high when I started smoking cannabis too. My friends and I smoked an infused cannabis joint and I started to feel very light-headed. I told my friends that they were going to have to take me back to my apartment. My friends came upstairs with me. I told the guys that I was going to crash on the bed because I could not keep my eyes open any longer. When I woke up, all of my friends were passed out on the floor in the living room of my apartment. The cannabis tincture hit every one of us at the same time.
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The delivery fees were nullified since I spent $150

There are a lot of odd marijuana dispensaries near me as well as many of those locales offer delivery services, however not all of the dispensaries offer free delivery, however most of the shops will waive the fee if there is a certain amount of money spent! One of the various locales near me has entirely wonderful sales as well as specials on Saturdays, but all of the edibles are on sale as well and that’s the only afternoon of the week when edibles at this particular locale are on sale… I like to spend our money on Saturday as well as get the entire best deal as possible. Last Saturday was the afternoon after I got paid as well as I decided to order a bunch of odd types of edibles from the dispensary for delivery. I bought many packages of gummies. One of the packages of gummy edibles were made from live resin cannabis, the other package of gummy edibles was an indica blend that I entirely like. I also bought many packages of edibles that were cookies. One of our various favorite cannabis bakeries actually uses real butter in all of their recipes; then each one of the peanut butter, sugar, lemon, as well as snickerdoodle cookies taste delicious with the right amount of sugar as well as sweetness to mix with the taste of cannabis. I actually obtained a candy bar for our mom, because he will never go to The Dispensary on his own. I also obtained a bottle of tincture with 1000 mg of thc. I decided to have the products delivered right to our house. All of the delivery service charges were waived since I spent $150.

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Medical marijuana alleviates our PTSD symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health concern that can cause a lot of unusual complications.

Some symptoms of PTSD include insomnia, panic attacks, plus dire anxiety! PTSD can be a normal occurrence after someone has had a traumatic experience.

I have a lot of concerns with PTSD symptoms, however medical marijuana helps a good deal. I suffer from various panic attacks frequently, however a small amount of medical marijuana can make me believe that I am much more calm and also relaxed. I tried to keep edibles plus dried marijuana flowers at our home, just in case I am having a terrible day. I order from a medical marijuana delivery repair that is situated close to our home. The medical marijuana delivery repair comes right to our house. They supply right to our front door, because I am totally disabled plus it is strenuous for me to get up plus down. Most of the medical marijuana delivery repair drivers will make you meet them out front, although I have special treatment because of our disability. There genuinely is not any way to fully cure ptsd. I have to learn to live with all of the symptoms plus that has been hard. I often feel genuinely depressed plus sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed. There are lots of ways that marijuana helps to make me believe better. Sativa strains make me believe energized plus ready to tackle the day, however Indica strains love Northern Lights plus Grand Daddy Purp make me believe relaxed, fatigued, plus ready to go to bed. I am also genuinely thankful that medical marijuan products are legal in this state.


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Without our phone, we cannot drive around town

There are a couple of crucial things that I need to have with me when I leave the condo for work.

One crucial thing is our cell phone.

A lot of people might not recognize that their phone is crucial for work, although I use our phone all day for our task as a delivery driver. I am always looking for guidelines to plus from a single place or another. I might be looking for a condo by the beach or another condo downtown. Occasionally it’s strenuous to navigate around the neighborhood plus GPS plus Google Maps absolutely make it a lot easier. I decided to go to the gym on Sunday day before I went to labor at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary plus delivery service. I did not have to labor until 10:00, so I spent an hour at the gym. I took another shower at the gym so I could go right to work. When I got to the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary plus delivery service, I realized that I did not have our phone. I suddenly remembered the last place that I saw it plus it was back at the gym. I called the fitness center, however not a single one answered the phone. I drove as suddenly as possible back to the gym to get our phone. It wasn’t standing on the bench next to the treadmill where I left it, so I decided to ask an employer if anyone found the phone. I got genuinely fortunate as well, because someone did find it plus decided to turn it in. I don’t even have a lock on the phone, so anyone could have certainly stolen it.

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The marijuana shop has a good selection plus free delivery

The marijuana shop near me has a good selection of products plus free delivery.

That’s a single thing that I genuinely love about the shop, however just a handful of the places in the area do not offer free delivery, however this place will bring you cannabis plus there is no minimum delivery.

The delivery repair has weekly specials as well. They always offer something for a penny. Occasionally it is dried marijuana flour, edibles, or pre-rolls. Customers love being able to get something for only a penny. The marijuana shop has a single of the best selections out of all of the delivery services in the area. They have edibles that are gummies, strenuous candies, beverages, plus tinctures. They have outdoor, sun grown flowers as well as a sizable variety of indoor, hydroponically grown top shelf flowers. The marijuana dispensary also has a sizable selection of marijuana concentrates love live resin plus rosin, badders, sugar, plus diamonds. All of the products are available for delivery plus most of the time the place can offer same day service. As long as you place your marijuana delivery order before 8:00 p.m., you are guaranteed to get the items on the same day. The marijuana dispensary plus delivery repair does not close until 11:00, so they take orders late until the night. Last weekend I ordered around 7:00 on Friday plus I purchased $200 worth of marijuana supplies. The marijuana repair driver was lightning fast. She was at our condo in about 35 minutes at least. It’s a fantastic thing I did not decide to take a shower before the supplies arrived, because she got there much faster than I anticipated.


GPS really changed everything for me at least

I still labor as a delivery driver 20 years later, however now I labor for another fancy marijuana boutique.

GPS or Google Maps were not around when I was growing up. If I wanted to guess how to get from one specific place to the other, I had to get out a map or an atlas. I don’t even recognize they teach teenagers how to use a map or an atlas in school anymore. I worked as a delivery driver for a pizza shop when I was 17 years old. I had to look at a map to get all of our guidelines before I left the shop. There were no cell phones either… Fast forward 10 years plus a lot of things changed drastically. The internet changed a lot. Certainly you could print out guidelines to almost any place in less than 8 minutes. 10 years after that, there were maps on our phone that could lead me to a place with step by step guidelines, and gPS changed a lot of things for me, then being able to use electronics to go from a single place to the other means you don’t have to look down when you are driving. That means it’s much safer. It also means that you can get to several places more suddenly. I still labor as a delivery driver 20 years later, however now I labor for another fancy marijuana boutique. The fancy marijuana boutique has clients all up plus down the hill. My fantastic friend and I have lots of unusual medical plus recreational marijuana products that are available for occasion up or delivery services. I have to be able to get to the clients’ addresses safely plus suddenly. Now I can put the address into our phone plus a nice lady on the other end will tell me exactly when to turn and also where to go.



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I really needed a couple of things from the local store

I planned to stop at the marijuana dispensary on our way to the beach house from labor a couple of afternoons ago. I did not want to go anywhere on the weekend, because I knew that my fantastic friend and I were expecting to have some rain in the forecast. I wasn’t exactly sure if the rain was going to come in the day or at night, although I knew that there was a 75% chance that my fantastic friend and I were going to have rain at least at some point while my fantastic friend and I were in the day. I got stressed laboring on some briefs at the office plus I lost track of time. Traffic was a nightmare on the way to the beach house plus I did not have time to stop at the marijuana dispensary. The next day I decided to contact a delivery repair company near me. I wanted to get a couple of things plus I knew that the delivery repair would have everything that I needed. I purchased a 100 mg canister of THC tincture. I purchased a tote of marijuana edibles. I also quickly purchased 3 unusual grams of marijuana concentrate. I purchased a sativa concentrate called Blue Dream plus a hybrid concentrate called Girl Scout cookies. I also purchased a new Indica concentrate called papaya. I appreciate the sweet plus fruity taste plus smell of the papaya cannabis concentrate. It is certainly a single of our number ones. Since it is simply an indica, I can only use it at night. The delivery repair had everything that I needed plus I found a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes that looked interesting too. I ordered on the day plus I set all of our products before the day.

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The young woman had a fantastic resume

It’s genuinely crucial to be diligent when interviewing candidates for a position at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary.

I started laboring at the shop about 5 years ago plus I worked our way up to the employer spot 2 years ago. Since then I have managed to increase the sales at the marijuana dispensary each year. Last month my fantastic friend and I started offering free delivery services. My fantastic friend and I were previously charging a $5 flat fee, no matter how sizable or small the order, but when my fantastic friend and I stopped charging the flat fee, delivery repair orders started to quickly increase. When I started advertising the free delivery services in the store plus on our website, I had a sizable influx of orders. I had to hire another delivery driver suddenly. My boss told me to hire the first woman that looks fantastic on paper, although I told the girl that it was best to interview even if my fantastic friend and I were short on staff. I wanted to make sure that my fantastic friend and I got a delivery repair driver that had a fantastic resume, clean driving record, plus expertise about marijuana plus marijuana sales. I also interviewed a single young woman that had a genuinely fantastic resume, and she previously worked at a marijuana dispensary down south. She moved with her girlfriend to our neighborhood plus started laboring at an unusual marijuana dispensary. She quit laboring at that place a month ago. The child had experience plus she was willing to labor as a delivery driver, so I did not even bother calling any of her contacts or previous employers. My boss also wanted someone fast plus this child was perfect for the position.

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Marijuana edibles taste pretty good!

I haven’t been using cannabis products for long. I’m still not up-to-date with cannabis & all of the side effects that it can have on the body. When I started to use cannabis, it was to help me with chronic aches & pains. I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia & it causes me dire pain in our legs, both knees, & my back. I used to treat that chronic pain with medication. I was taking more & more of the meds & I still had just as much chronic pain. I had a dentist that proposed marijuana & that guy changed our life. I truthfully never considered using marijuana for medical reasons. I went to an educational program once that was about 60 minutes long. During the educational program, I learned all about marijuana & the medical benefits that it has. After that I went to the marijuana shop & the budtender behind that counter helped me pick out some products that might be able to help me with chronic pain. The 1st thing that the man proposed was a low dose marijuana edible. The low dose marijuana edible has about 10 mg of thc. I take a single edible in the morning & another the night before I go to bed. Edibles taste good & they come in lots of unusual flavors including mango, red apple, orange raspberry, & red. There are even some edibles that come in fiery flavors including spicy melon habanero or jalapeno pineapple. I haven’t tried any of the spicy edibles, but there is a wide selection at the dispensary so they must be popular.

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The weed sales & specials weren’t quite as good on Saturday

Usually I visit the marijuana dispensary near me on Thursday evenings, because they have entirely hold sales & specials.

Sadly, I did not get out of labor until entirely late on Thursday of this week & I did not arrive at the marijuana dispensary until it was closed. The manager was just locking the door when I arrived & he would not let me inside. I decided to go to the marijuana dispensary the following day instead. Saturday morning I woke up bright & early. I made a pot of root beer & a couple of boiled eggs. I was going to have a piece of toast, but then my pal and I remembered that I should be watching our carb intake. I have been working out lately so I can build more lean muscle. I’m trying to cut back on necessary carbs. I’m not splitting out carbohydrates completely, because I love to eat bread & pasta. Still, I don’t need to have toast in the morning every single time I have boiled eggs… After supper I went to the marijuana dispensary. The sales & specials were not that good on Saturday. I entirely wish that I would have made it to the dispensary on time the previous morning. I actually could have spent a lot less money & been able to get more products. I left the dispensary spending less than $100. I bought a sixth of dried marijuana flowers, 2 grams of concentrate, & more than one package of edibles. I would have bought an entire ounce of marijuana flowers if the dispensary was having the same sale that they did the morning before.
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I smoked marijuana at the party for the first time

My sibling Sam is 3 years older than me & he is in school.

I am just getting ready to graduate, so Sam said that I could come & visit for the weekend to see what school is like.

My mom did not believe it was a wise idea, because he said Sam parties too hard. I did not entirely believe what our mom meant until I spent the weekend with Sam; Sam was drinking & smoking marijuana the whole weekend. I absolutely don’t want to judge Sam, however I don’t believe he was sober hardly at all. Sam was partying a lot, although he still got up on Monday morning to go to class at 7:00 a.m. Thursday night after classes were over, Sam took me & another neighbor to a party at a frat house. Sam and I were provided beers & marijuana joints. My associate and I smoked marijuana at the party. This was the first time that I ever smoked marijuana. I felt entirely weird & tingly all over. I felt that our heart was beating entirely fast & I was worried that I was going to have a heart attack. Sam told me that I was paranoid, but paranoid is a disappointing side effect of marijuana. The next night when Sam and I hung out with some friends at our sibling’s apartment, I said no when I was provided with more marijuana. It seems that it might be a lot of fun, however I was in a bizarre & weird situation & paranoia wasn’t going to make me believe any better about things.

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The marijuana joints were a huge hit

The pre-rolled marijuana joints were a hit at the party

My bestie Ed & I have been together for a couple of months. I wanted Ed to meet a couple of our friends, so my pal and I decided to have a brunch party. Ed was going to make some food, however I proposed that Ed and I get takeout so nobody was busy about the menu. I believe that Ed would have made a delicious four course meal & most people would have been impressed, although Ed would have been in the kitchen all night & Ed would not have been able to get to believe our friends. The whole point of the lunch party is for Ed & our friends to get to believe each other. I proposed getting take out from a local Japanese diner that is right around the corner. The locale delivers & they are lightning fast. I believe that they start the order as soon as my pal and I call, because it never takes more than thirty minutes to get our food. There’s also a marijuana dispensary near me that also has entirely fast delivery services. When Ed & I had our lunch party, I ordered from the marijuana dispensary near me. I bought some pre-rolled marijuana joints. The pre-rolls were made from a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. The pre-rolled marijuana joints were a hit at the party. My friends, Ed, & I all sat out on the patio of the home & smoked a joint together. My associates and I laughed & talked & had a good time that night. Marijuana has a way of making people a lot more calm & relaxed & this is something that I entirely care about about the plant.


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