I like to put RSO in my hot tea

RSO is a very unique product.

It doesn’t look pretty or have a cool name.

It doesn’t smell like citrus or flowers. It’s very earthy and comes directly from the best cannabis sativa plants. It is a high THC oil that can be administered in a variety of ways. RS0 is a thick and sticky substance that resembles roofing tar. Most RSO products are available in syringes. RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is the name of the person that came up with the medicine. RS0 can be consumed orally, sublingually, and it can even be applied to the skin. The syringe is very easy to use for dosing. I prefer using a high-thc RS0 to help with my lower back and neck pain. My favorite way to use RSO is in a cup of hot tea. I measure out 25 mg of the product into a cup of hot tea. Sometimes I use black tea and sometimes I prefer a fruit flavored green tea. English breakfast is probably my favorite because I think it compliments the flavor of the RSO. The RSO melts and dissolves very quickly into the tea and the flavor is very subtle and earthy. The product can be found at any dispensary that sells medical or recreational marijuana products. Most of the time it will sell for around 50 a gram, but there are times when I have found the product for $40. Careful shopping and use of sales means being able to find the best price on all of my medical marijuana supplies.

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