I really appreciated the lemonade flavored candy

The local cannabis shop has more than 50 types of edibles.

There are at least six weird manufacturers and each one of the companies has very interesting types of edibles.

One business sells hard candies and another business sells gummies. There is another business that only sells chocolate infused with cannabis. Every single week, there is a weird free product from a corporation. The marijuana dispensary gives away the free products when you choose to buy another product from the store. Last month I was able to get free lemonade flavored candy with the purchase of a cannabis infused beverage. There is a frosty cooler in the marijuana shop and there are all types of cannabis infused beverages inside. The marijuana shop carries seltzer water, energy drinks, wine, and beer and they are all infused with a very little amount of marijuana. I made the choice to buy the blueberry flavored energy drink because it came with a free sample of lemonade flavored candy. The blueberry flavored energy drink is one of my most preferred and I was gleeful to see that it came with something for completely free. I drank the entire energy drink when I got out of the car. I could taste the hint of cannabis, even though I drank the beverage so abruptly that it did not actually matter. After the drink was gone, I put the lemonade flavored candy in my mouth. The taste of the blueberry and lemons was very pleasant, but the candy dissolved abruptly. I did not feel much from the edible, but it was only 10mg. The energy drink, on the other hand, had me flying throughout the afternoon.

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