I needed to increase the size of my THC doses

Some of my medications had to be increased in doses as time went on. Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant drug that is used for a wide variety of applications, such as neuropathy. When I first started the medication, my doses were only 100mg each. Now they’re 1,200mg for every single dose, something that took a few years to reach. The doctor is not allowed to raise it anymore, but needless to say it was a necessary evil to get the amount up to this degree. A smaller dose of gabapentin wasn’t working the same way as my current dose. Unfortunately there is misinformation over gabapentin prescription use, and some people have moved to calling it a narcotic which seems silly to me in retrospect. The drug has sedating properties, but it’s no opiate or benzodiazepine. Cannabis has its own slew of qualitative effects in each user, but I wouldn’t compare it to a narcotic opiate-like drug, or akin to a downer like xanax. However, just like with gabapentin, my doses of THC had to increase as I became increasingly used to higher amounts of the drug. My medical marijuana doctor told me that it’s normal for someone to develop a slight tolerance for the drug and need higher amounts of THC to reach the same therapeutic effects. He simply increased my medical marijuana allotment when I asked him to, so I can use more of the plant without worrying that I’m not getting therapeutic effects any longer. I feel extremely grateful to have a medical marijuana physician that is understanding of my needs as a medical marijuana patient.


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