Author: Paul

My next door neighbor is going broke with pre rolls

Jackson is one of our best friends. Jackson is a really nice guy that is generous plus thoughtful. I met Jackson at work plus abruptly became friends over our shared prefer of recreational marijuana supplies. Jackson uses more marijuana each month then I do plus I did not suppose I would find anyone that can […]

I do not like the pineapple/peach flavored edibles

Edibles are the best way to consume medical marijuana in my opinion. I sincerely never saw myself using medical marijuana edibles to treat any pains that I felt. I have consistently viewed marijuana as a harmful drug. I never thought that our mind would change on that stance, however it has. I realize that there […]

The local dispensary has free weed on Wednesdays

All of our best friends plus I recognizably go to this dispensary, due to the fact that they have the free weed samples with every purchase promotion on Wednesdays The local dispensary offers free weed on Wednesdays. This particular recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary is the only 1 in the neighborhood that properly gives away […]

How could I pass up 8 grams for $88?

I used to live in a red state that did not allow legal recreational or medical marijuana laws. As soon as I moved, I began to use medical marijuana quite frequently, because smoking a bowl made me assume a little more comfortably in our own skin. Smoking a bowl made me assume prefer I was […]

The price of weed was so low right after 420

My friend Bob plus I saved currency from our checks in the weeks of February plus May, so we had plenty of extra currency to spend on 4/20; The sales that morning were incredible, and my friends plus I found a ton of truly fantastic bargains. Most sites offered 25 or 30% off the entire […]

My local dispensary throws 2 unusual sales each week

My favorite local marijuana dispensary throws 2 unusual sales each week. On Sundays, the dispensary offers 20% off of all the flower products in the store. The store includes everything that is a flower in the sale. All of the best top shelf marijuana flowers are included plus all of the pre-rolls. Even the costly […]

My best friend is going broke smoking pre rolls

Jacky is 1 of our very best friends. The girl is a really nice woman that is generous as well as thoughtful. We met each other at work as well as abruptly became friends over our shared obsession with recreational marijuana supplies. Jacky uses more marijuana each week after that the two of us do […]