Author: Paul

I like the specials at the dispensary closest to me

The dispensary near me has lots of sales and specials. On Thursdays, the site has 20% off all of the edibles in stock, then you can buy tinctures, gummies, and hard candies all for 20% off. On Mondays there is a sale on top shelf marijuana flowers. All of the top shelf flower products, including […]

I sleep much better when I finally smoke weed

There are several afternoons throughout the whole week when I toss and turn and have trouble sleeping. I lay awake in bed for hours and count all of the dots on the ceiling tiles. I can usually also count all the way to a thousand before I fall asleep. I have also tried counting sheep […]

I think the bathroom problems were my fault

I went to the dispensary to buy some marijuana pre-rolls and I had to use the bathroom while I was there. I had a burrito for lunch and it was talking to me in a mean loud voice. I went into the bathroom and was inside for at least 10 or 15 minutes. I tried […]

Education classes are held every Saturday morning

Every Saturday morning, there is an education class held at the medical marijuana shop. The medical marijuana shop sells supplies to any person that has an access card from the state. I had to go to a doctor to get access to medical marijuana. The doctor gave me a mental and physical examination and determined […]

The last delivery of the evening was totally far away

The marijuana delivery service covers all of the town and a good amount of the country areas outside of the Metropolitan area also. I’ve been working for the marijuana delivery service for approximately 6 months. I was working behind the counter and then a spot opened up for a delivery driver. One of my buddies […]

I really appreciated the lemonade flavored candy

The local cannabis shop has more than 50 types of edibles. There are at least six weird manufacturers and each one of the companies has very interesting types of edibles. One business sells hard candies and another business sells gummies. There is another business that only sells chocolate infused with cannabis. Every single week, there […]

Medical marijuana has a good amount of excellent benefits

There are all types of interesting benefits when it comes to using Medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can truly relieve chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other troubling diseases. Medical marijuana can also assist with anxiety and depression in patients that do not respond completely well to other respected treatments. Medical marijuana can also lower […]

Being the guy with cannabis is always fun

Striking a real balance between happiness plus job is very important than personally I feel cheerful in my home life and it is important to also make currency at some job. Without a real job to pay some of the bills, it is easily impossible to have a cheerful home life. If you were born […]

I found the perfect product for my mom and dad

Possessing recreational Cannabis is something not legal very much in this state. This means there is an important weight on my shoulders. I have regularly had marijuana on me plus I prefer to go to work or even church and then still have marijuana products inside of my pocket. There are lots of seasoned commercials […]