Author: Paul

I just do pre rolls now

I am not very careful when it comes to certain things. I am always dropping things, spilling my coffee, banging into end tables, you name it. My mother used to shout be more careful to me all the time. When I started getting into cannabis, loose flower form was all the rage. My friends liked […]

The pancakes were infused with marijuana

I visited a state where recreational marijuana is legal. I thought it might be fun to order supplies from a dispensary while I was visiting. When I found out that there was a marijuana dispensary close to me, I decided to go to the store instead of ordering for delivery. I didn’t know what to […]

At the hotel, we decided to splurge on marijuana

My wife and I could have easily walked to the location, but we decided to have some marijuana products delivered instead. My wife and I recently celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. We wanted to get out of the house and away from the kids for a couple of days to celebrate. My mom and dad […]

The new schedule is hard to to work

My boss said she was going to make some changes to the schedule. I used to work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I worked a split shift. In the morning when the marijuana delivery service was busy, I worked a couple of hours. In the afternoon when the marijuana delivery service was busy I […]

I am thinking of moving out west

I am actually thinking about moving out west here pretty soon because I got a new job offer out there. It’s not anywhere close to where the rest of my family lives, but I could honestly use a little bit of a break at this point in my life. I feel like I need a […]

My friend is switching over to cannabis

My friend Debbie has had a whole lot of surgeries over the past several years. She has actually had so many surgeries that I have lost count of all of the different ones that she has had to deal with. She is always having some sort of random thing happening to her that ends her […]

I don’t know why people like to argue

I really just don’t understand why so many people out there want to argue with you about things that they don’t really understand or know that much about. It’s always really annoying to me when certain people try to pick fights with you. These days, it’s happening more and more often. Really, all I want […]

I got a twenty dollar tip from the guy

I live in the same town that I did when I grew up. I moved out of my parents house and I got an apartment of my own, but we still have the same zip code. My girlfriend is the same girl who sat in front of me for thirteen years of high school and […]

The only time I sleep well is when I smoke pot

When you live in a recreational marijuana state, it’s really easy to get pot. You can buy pot and other cannabis supplies from any dispensary as long as you are over 18 with a medical card or over 21 without a card. It’s nice to live in a state where you can go shopping for […]

I didn't like the way the drink made me feel

They said that I was probably having a bad reaction to the cannabis. Last weekend I was hanging out with some of the guys at the frat house. They offered me a cannabis infused drink. I never had a cannabis infused drink in the past so I didn’t know if I was going to like […]