Cannabis strains these days have strange names

When I actually started smoking marijuana way back in middle school, I was told there were only 2 kinds available pretty much.

The cheap weed was called “mids,” and it was regularly air-compressed, brick-weed of Mexican variety that was full of stems and seeds.

The luxurious cannabis was called “dro,” “chronic,” or “crippy.” This was often hydroponically-grown cannabis that was seedless for the most part, which used to be called “sensimilla” decades ago. That’s about all I knew when I entered university, even though I was in for a giant surprise when I came to learn about all of these crazy strains and their genetic origins. Every one of us had strains like White Widow, Sour Diesel, Berry White, Blueberry, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, Bubba Kush, and OG Kush which were all pulled from multiple genetic crosses of the cannabis plant that start with landrace cannabis strains. Landrace cannabis are the varieties that are regularly found in the wild in multiple locales surrounding the globe. The Hindu Kush Mountains and the fields of Jamaica are a few examples of locales where quality marijuana grows totally in a natural fashion. There are wonderful locales in Africa, Thailand, Mexico, South America, and HI that possess fantastic landrace strains of the marijuana plant. All of the ridiculous strains you see these days at the pot shops can all trace their lineage back to any number of these original landrace varieties. Some strains that are like Girl Scout Cookies have a landrace as a direct parent, which is Durban Poison with this example. I enjoy trying modern strains of medical cannabis, especially if a wonderful landrace strain just so happens to be involved.

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