Hoping the state doesn’t choose to go back to illegal cannabis

It’s hard to stomach enjoying your state regress after it went forward in a few different ways.

But that’s how it feels some days enjoying the local news channel and reading about bizarre things the state legislature are busying themselves with to appeal to a tiny voting block that represents perhaps 30% of the state.

I often fear that they’re going to try revoking our medical marijuana program since they’re consistently going out of their way to make unnecessary changes to it that make it more difficult for patients to get access to their medicine. It makes no sense in the least to myself and others when these politicians are working hard to make medical decisions for patients when their healthcare workers are saying the opposite. If the actual doctors are demanding freer access to the plant, then you have no scientific basis to even stand on. I realize now that a bunch of people are going to go back to the black market if various forms of weed are deemed illegal again in my state. If medical cannabis flower products disappeared, so many patients would relinquish their cards overnight and go back to the black market for their cannabis products. That’s a real crime to imagine, but it’s actually possible at this point. The state legislature would scrap medical marijuana in an instant if it wasn’t legalized by a constitutional amendment, but who knows when they’ll try to destroy that also. I am losing more and more respect for these people all of the time because they’re making patients who are suffering experience additional emotional suffering on top of their physical turmoil. It’s completely unnecessary and scary to me when I realize how much these changes will affect cancer patients and others with severe life threatening disorders.


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