I try to find cannabis products with no allergens

My mom told me that I started showing all sorts of respiratory plus sinus issues as an infant, however they actually became worse around my tenth birthday.

At that age my pediatrician prescribed a liquid albuterol treatment, which happens to be the medicine in the asthma inhalers that are used in the same context. It helps shrink inflammation in the lungs, thus opening up the airwaves. The syrup tasted sort of like oranges plus I’ll never forget it, because I had to take typical doses for a number of years. As soon as I was old enough to use 1 respectfully, my healthcare professional switched me to an inhaler plus also told me to use nasal spray for dust sensitivities. At the time we actually were living up north where the Fall plagued us with fallen leaves that would turn to mold on the ground. Naturally, the spores would totally aggravate my symptoms by a good amount. By Springtime, the pollen from the trees plus plants would have a similar effect. It seriously shouldn’t surprise me that I’m getting allergy symptoms whenever I vape or smoke cannabis flower products. Marijuana flowers are plants sort of like the others that aggravate my dust sensitivities by a good amount. On top of that, if the marijuana flowers are grown outdoors or in green houses, they will probably have dust, pollen, plus fungal spores from being exposed to varying amounts of outdoor air. These actual particles will be stuck to the cannabis flower buds plus will absolutely have no effect whatsoever on an immense portion of people, however those who are something like me with drastic dust sensitivities will honestly feel the difference. That’s why I have to be terribly careful about where I acquire my marijuana products.



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