All the weird edibles to choose from

For a long time I thought in order to try cannabis you needed to smoke it.

Since my father is a cigarette smoker plus has a difficult time quitting, I didn’t want to get into smoking.

I didn’t want to wreck my lungs. I knew vaping a cannabis oil ensures you are taking in anything too bad, however but I entirely didn’t like the idea of inhaling something, concentrates plus tinctures didn’t entirely appeal to me either. I found out topicals apply directly to the skin like a cream or balm, where is the fun in that though? When I realized there were edibles, a current world was opened up to me. I am an edible girl all the way. I much care about eating over smoking. There are so multiple chances of edibles too. You can do a mouth spray that is like a breath spray. There are THC infused gummies, candies plus suckers. There are CBD infused baked goods like chocolate, cookies plus cakes. There are even mints plus gums that have cannabis in them. I found cannabutter plus cooking oils with THC plus CBD in them. I like that I can be a little weird with my cannabis use. If I want to be easy plus just get some THC in me, I choose a gummy form. It is so quick plus I don’t have to take too multiple of them. For a treat I like to do baked goods like a pot brownie. For almost everyday use I use my cannabis cooking oil.


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