Topical for work out injuries

I am a hardcore fitness person. I work out seven days a week and I alternate what I do for a workout. I like pushing my body to the limit and feeling sore the next day. That tells me I did a good workout. Occasionally I go too far and injure myself. Recently I have been experiencing pain in my left calf. It really would like to cramp up and stay that way. I stretch, hydrate and massage the muscle constantly. I was in pain a lot at that point. A friend of mine then recommended trying a topical. It is a cannabis product that is good for chronic pain. A topical is a cream, balm, patch or something else that is applied directly to the skin. It was like buying a more potent icy hot. You can choose to get a topical with THC in it and get a little high. Since I am looking at this as a work out crutch, I choose to only go with a CBD infused topical. I use my cannabis cream twice a day now. Right before I go to bed I stretch, massage and put on the cream. I wake up, do my normal day and right before the workout I put the cream on again. My muscle feels tingling and cold after it is applied. The smell is like a lilac and honey scent, it is really quite pleasant. It works better than ice, heating pads and icy heat. I am so glad that I rely on this now for my injuries.


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