Vaping to stop panic attacks

I started developing panic attacks after I got engaged.

So that sounds bad, but it is due to wedding planning stress rather than getting married.

I get all worked up organizing flowers, cakes, photographers and a venue. There is just so much to do. My fiance is great, but he is not a planner. Everything is falling out and it is freaking me out. I can’t just stop right in the middle of planning though. I am already in too deep. I don’t have oodles of money to hire a wedding planner either. What I have been doing is relying on cannabis to keep me calm. I went into the cannabis dispensary near me and asked for some help. They had all forms of consumption. I could smoke, eat, or put it right on my body. I decided to get a vape and a cannabis oil. Anytime I am about to go into wedding planning, I start vaping my oil. It is really soothing and quite tasty. I got a flavor that tastes almost like oranges. I feel a little mellow and a lot clamer. I haven’t had a panic attack since I have been relying on recreational weed. I don’t want to smoke cannabis forever though. My plan is after I am married to stop. I know weed isn’t exactly bad for me, but I don’t want to vape cannabis oil my whole life. I am hoping once the stressor is gone my panic attacks will no longer be an issue.


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