Options for delivery weren’t a good selection

Weedmaps is an online service that shows local dispensaries and their prices.

Most of the stores allow you to order directly from the website with no problem at all. I was visiting some friends and looking for recreational Cannabis near me. I found this particular dispensary and placed an order online totaling almost $200. I purchased a half ounce of Blue Dream flower and several different types of cannabis concentrate. The bartender at the dispensary called about a half an hour after I placed the order. He had nothing but bad news to deliver. He told me that the menu on Weedmaps is not the same menu from the store and he directed me to order from the online menu on the store website instead of the online service. I was frustrated to say the least, especially since I had to place another order and I was already tired of waiting. I looked at the online menu on the cannabis dispensary website and the selections weren’t very good. They didn’t have a lot of items available for delivery on the same day. I didn’t want to waste my time or during a couple of items, so I decided to go to a different cannabis dispensary without delivery options. I had to drive 17 miles to town, but the place had an amazing selection and a first-time patient discount that helped lower the price a great deal. The cannabis shop should have the website removed from Weedmaps if they don’t have the ability to fulfill the orders. I can’t be the first person to run into this error and it is extremely frustrating as a consumer.



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