Can you believe how hard it is to go to the dispensary?

Did you know how difficult it is to go to a marijuana dispensary? I had never been to one, so I didn’t know that there were so many hoops to jump through.

Before you even go to the dispensary, you have to find a doctor who will assist you in the process of getting a medical marijuana ID card.

My primary care physician was not up to date on the changing policies with medical marijuana, so she really did not give me any useful information at all. Once I found a physician who specializes in pain management and could give me an examination for a medical ID card, I then had to make the appointment. Once I made the appointment and handed over a few hundred dollars, the doctor said he would send the report into the state. After a while, I finally received an email indicating that the state had received the information from my doctor. Despite the money I spent on the examination, I now had to pay another fee to get the actual medical marijuana ID card. Finally, I had my medical marijuana ID card in hand, so I went to the closest marijuana dispensary in our area. I walked up to the door, medical marijuana ID card in hand, and flashed it at their camera, but the man said I had to go back and wait in my car for the pharmacist to call me. The pharmacist asked why I had a medical marijuana ID card and provided numerous alternative suggestions. I went back to the door and flashed my ID card at the camera again. They let me pass through the door and asked to see my card again once I got inside. After seeing my card, they buzzed me through the final door that led into the actual marijuana dispensary. I was so sleepy and overwhelmed by the time I got into the dispensary that I couldn’t even figure out which marijuana products I was looking for.
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