I put a new fence to protect my marijuana plants

My weekend is always full of chores both inside plus outside.

The walls, ceiling fans, the flooring, even the Heating plus Air Conditioning vents – everything needs to be dusted at least once every month because I live in such a dusty environment. Since we’re in the rainy season, the lawn needs to be cut weekly to avoid getting a ticket from the city. I l received this the difficult way when I was 22 plus residing with a bunch of pals in an uptown loft that was walking distance away from downtown. It was a good location for us because my friends and I could certainly get-together, but my friends and I gained complaints all of the time from neighbors plus locals that would drive through the area on our street. After the fourth lawn ticket, we resolved to make sure it was always cut, even if I had to do it myself. Now that I live all alone, there’s no 1 else to keep the lawn cut besides me, so it was wonderful practice all those years ago. However, perhaps the most crucial outdoor chore I have to do this month is installing a new fence around my marijuana garden. My cannabis plants yield pleasant smells that attract deer from all over. The deer appreciate to eat the premature cannabis flowers before the flowers even get a pick to fully bloom. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a security fence around your marijuana plants if you choose to grow some of your own. I’m nowhere near as skillful as the growers that task for my local cannabis dispensary, but at least I can raise supplemental weed so I’m not reliant on the stuff from the dispensary.

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