The vaporizers made for portable use are sometimes filled with plastic parts

I started hiking weekly again after I moved back to my hometown.

It’s hard to go hiking in the woods when you live in a busy metropolitan city about two hours away from the closest state park or wildlife refuge.

Now that the woods are a 10 minute drive from my apartment, I can make excuses to go once or twice a week to enjoy the wonderful outdoor environment. It’s nice because we have minimal environmental concerns here with a lack of rattlesnakes, something I could never hope for in my other home. That state had so many rattlesnakes and poisonous spiders that I was afraid to go hiking off large trails that are traversed daily. Now that I’m back in my hometown, I enjoy bush hiking with a machete in my hand to clear branches and weeds in my path. While I’m out in the woods, I enjoy imbibing on cannabis flower products. I have found a lot of portable vaporizers, but none yet that don’t have some kind of plastic parts inside them. Even though the plastic used in portable cannabis vaporizers is considered a high heat plastic, it still affects the taste of the vapor coming out of the device. I wanted a better experience to appreciate the flavor of my high quality live rosin concentrates, so it made sense that I was looking for a portable vaporizer that produces the best quality taste that you can expect from something that isn’t a desktop vaporizer. It’s nice to take dabs in nature, away from all of the stresses of life and the people who frustrate us the most.

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