Vape pens make it simple to medicate on the go

A vape pen is the easiest & best way to consume marijuana on the go.

I have been using marijuana for a number of years. I started using medical marijuana when it was legalized. After recreational marijuana was also legalized, it became unnecessary for myself and others to have a medical card. I still apply for a card each year, because it saves myself and others a lot of state & excise taxes. It is very not necessary though. Any person can walk into a medical or recreational marijuana clinic & purchase supplies. All you need is a valid state ID & money in hand. The dispensaries do not take debit cards. I usually have a couple of unusual vape pen cartridges at home. I know it’s important to keep a sativa & an Indica in the house. I particularly would not want to smoke an Indica in the morning & a sativa would keep myself and others awake all evening long. I have a single of each so I can properly medicate throughout the day. I usually keep a spare battery just in case I run out of juice, and just a small number of days ago, I left a single of my pens & the automobile & the marijuana oil cartridge leaked all over the battery. I had to throw it away because the marijuana oil was sticky & it would not come out of the small crevices of the battery. The next time I go to the dispensary, I am going to need to buy a backup battery to keep in the car. I very love having an extra battery, because I never have to worry about running out.



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