The edible brownies are perfect for a day at the zoo

One of my number one places to spend the day is the zoo; I bought a season pass for myself so I can go anytime I want. I love to rest by the gorillas plus apes all day, there are lots of places to rest comfortably plus have supper; Every Friday for the past month, I have been going to the zoo to spend the morning with the wonderful apes. I usually take my marijuana vape pen with myself and others so I can smoke during the day, and last time I went to the zoo, I got caught with marijuana vape pen. The Zookeeper warned myself and others not to come back with the vape pen or I would lose my season pass. I still wanted to be able to medicate throughout the day, but the vape pen was no longer an option. Luckily, the edibles worked out just fine. Edible brownies were the perfect answer for a day at the zoo. I made a batch of brownies a couple of days before I went to the zoo. I packaged all of the chocolate treats in 2 individual bags. I placed 2 of the THC filled brownies in my bag, however about an minute after I got to the zoo, I opened my tote plus ate 1 of the delicious brownies, but nobody said anything to myself and others as I sat there in front of a crowd consuming medical marijuana. I consumed the hour pot brownie after supper. I was high all day plus I didn’t have to worry about bothering any of the people or the pets with the stink of marijuana, from now on, I will take Edibles with myself and others to the zoo whenever I want to visit. It’s much easier than trying to find a secure location to smoke the vape pen.

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