My mom will care about the edibles I found at the store

I visited a brand current medical marijuana dispensary on Sunday & they had a lot of meat & interesting products, but i picked up a couple of products that I have not seen in the past, but one product was a medical marijuana tincture, and the tincture was half marijuana & hash dbd. It was certainally made to help with pain & inflammation. I bought a 1 oz bottle of the CBD & THC tincture. The medical marijuana dispensary had a actually large selection of edibles. They had bags of gummies & lots of unusual candies. They even had chocolate that was infused with medical marijuana. I saw some 5 mg gummies & I decided to choice them up for my mom, she’s been dabbling with medical marijuana for the past month or several. I have tried to convince her to still get a medical marijuana card, however she does not want the stigma on her permanent record, every time I go to the dispensary, I choice up something fun & interesting that I think my mom will like. So far, I haven’t been wrong about a single product. She does not mind if I bring something with CBD or THC as long as it is a low-dose edible & not a product care about cannabis flower! My mom has never smoked pot & she does not want to start now, even if medical marijuana is legal. I suppose I understand, because my mom is from a unusual time period, and her generation still believes that marijuana is an illicit drug that can cause us to go crazy & lose all interest in daily life & goals.


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