Making cannabis edibles is exciting

I’ve been getting more plus more into edibles these days.

I suppose it’s just boredom pushing me to smoke, because since COVID started my smoking has pretty much gone through the roof.

With so much time trapped inside, plus also a particular fear of going back out into humanity, there is a lot more time than ever before to simply relax plus get high. I will sit around plus get high for the longest time, binge-watching cable shows I don’t even care about just to pass the time. So it basically was the boredom that really pushed me into the entryway plus got me experimenting with preparing edibles. I genuinely had enough cannabis so that even if I messed up these few first attempts, I still had a huge amount to smoke. It was an enjoyable experiment, but the pot brownies were not good in the least. I wasn’t truly sure if the problem was the brownie, or the cannabis, so I tried something much different. I was actually in the mood for some pasta, so I mixed some finely ground cannabis into the marinara sauce. It blended in with all the other herbs plus spices, plus the marinara was so enjoyable I didn’t even notice the cannabis at all. Much later, I realized I was still resting on the couch, empty bowl in my lap, staring at the cable tv in front of me mindlessly. The pot brownies weren’t so good, but the cannabis infused pasta sauce was fantastic. I made sure to pack up the remainder of the sauce, because I still had practically half a batch left plus this was the finest cannabis edible that I had ever tasted in my days!

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