What type of edibles do you enjoy?

For multiple years, I was an immense time smoker; Cigarettes, weed, what have you, I just appreciated the sensation of inhaling smoke I guess.

Then life got upended when my first child came along.

I had never planned on being a Mom, however once I was put in that position, I made the decision to be the best Mom I could be. One of the worst parts of that deal was having to give up smoking… Secondhand smoke to a baby is not a good thing, and no parent should do that to their youngster. On the other hand, I couldn’t give up my habits so easily. That is why I switched to edibles! With edibles, I am able to acquire the same amounts of cannabis and THC that I was able to get by smoking, only with no harmful effects. The main concern I can see with having edibles in the dwelling is that one day they will look tasty to kids, however not now. Of course, the baby is unable to reach up on the counter, however eventually I could see him getting into the pot brownies or edible cakes because of how good they look. Who could blame them? When that day gets here I will need to switch to some kind of edible that won’t be delicious looking to kids! Do they make cannabis infused brussel sprouts, or THC imbued liver and onions? Possibly the geniuses at the cannabis dispensary can figure something out, or else I will just have to start hiding everything absolutely well. What is your number one kind of cannabis edible, hit me up in the comments with suggestions!


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