Are you able to handle your edibles

For a number of years, I was a pretty serious smoker; Cigarettes, weed, what have you, I just liked the sensation of inhaling smoke I suppose.

Then life got upended when my first daughter came along.

I had never planned on being a dad, but once I was put in that position, I made the choice to be the best dad I could be, and one of the worst parts of that deal was having to give up smoking! Secondhand smoke to a baby is honestly cruel, plus no parent should do that to their little one. On the other hand, I couldn’t just give up my habits so easily. That is why I switched to edibles. With edibles, I get the same amounts of cannabis plus THC that I was able to get by smoking, only with no terrible secondhand effects. The greatest problem I can see with having edibles in the household is that one day they will look delicious to kids, however not now. Of course, the baby can’t reach up on the counter, but one day I could see him getting into the pot brownies or space cakes because of how delicious they appear to be. Who could blame them? When that day arrives I will need to switch to some genre of edible that won’t appeal to kids. Do they make cannabis infused brussel sprouts, or THC imbued liver plus peppers? Maybe the geniuses at the cannabis dispensary can figure something out, or else I will just have to begin hiding it legitimately well. What is your number one style of cannabis edible, hit me up in the comments with recommendations!



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