The dog broke my new bong

We fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Every year the local fair attracts thousands of people. The fair has been an event in the area for 150 years. It’s one of the oldest events in the state. My family and I have attended the fair every year since I was a kid. We go to the attractions and look at the cows, chickens, and pigs. We play games and listen to the live music. There are always fun things to buy at the fair, because there are lots of arts and crafts. I bought a leather belt one year with my initials on the front. Another year I decided to purchase a huge poster with the name of my band written in neon letters. A year ago, my girlfriend and I were at the fair together and I bought a green and blue glass bong for smoking marijuana. There have been water bongs and pipes at the fair for a number of years. My girlfriend and I bought one of the bongs that included both of our favorite colors. We stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary on the way home from the fair. We were excited to use the new bomb and we wanted a new marijuana strain to smoke. We went back to the apartment and we left the bag with the marijuana bong on the kitchen table. We fell asleep for a couple of hours. My roommate came home with his dog and I heard a big commotion. The dog started barking and my roommate started to yell. I ran out into the kitchen and I saw my new bong on the floor. It was broken into a bunch of different pieces.