The delivery driver forgot the most important product on the list

It turned out to be the gram of forbidden fruit

It’s fun to go to the dispensary and shop, but the store is often packed with people. It’s definitely easier to order online for pickup or delivery services. Jack and I often order marijuana from the shop downtown. The place absolutely has the best prices on cannabis concentrate. I started smoking marijuana 10 years ago. About 3 years ago, I decided to try cannabis concentrates. After trying a couple of different cannabis concentrates, I switched to wax and concentrates instead of dried flower. Every once in a while, I smoke a marijuana joint. The rest of the time I use cannabis concentrate products like wax, shatter, and live resin. There was a sale on live resin cannabis concentrate so I got 4 grams of Indica from the dispensary. I was most excited about the gram of forbidden fruit. Forbidden fruit is one of my favorite Indica strains. It tastes like apples and has a tart flavor. When the delivery driver arrived, the first thing I did was double check the contents of the bag. I’ve had missing products in the past and it’s always easier if that driver is still there when the discovery is made. I was pretty bummed out when I realized that the driver actually forgot one of my grams of cannabis concentrate. It turned out to be the gram of forbidden fruit. When I brought up the Indica purchase, the driver apologized and informed me that the cannabis dispensary was completely out of forbidden fruit shatter. The budtender was supposed to give me the bad news, but she must have forgotten.



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