Someone was smoking weed by the mess hall

During the summer months, I work at a summer camp program in the woods.

The program is 3 months long and we have children from the ages of 8 to 18 in the summer camp program.

Kids come to camp the day after school ends and they don’t return back home until the day that school begins. A lot of busy parents use the summer camp program as a babysitter. We have hundreds of children signed up for the program. I’m in charge of the dining hall and mess area. It’s my job to plan all of the meals for the week. I have to make sure that the kids eat healthy and nutritious meals that contain fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. I also have to provide a snack menu for the week. Each day the kids get a snack at lunch time. The snacks include fruits, cookies, and trail mix. Last Summer we had one of the hottest days on record and it was 106 degrees that Saturday. I went to the dining hall early to prepare breakfast. I entered the building while it was still dark outside. I smelled an odor and stench coming from the back of the building. As I started walking towards the back of the building, I heard footsteps and laughing. I saw a bunch of kids running away from the building. The area where the kids had been sitting smelled like marijuana. There was even a small amount of marijuana smoke in the air. It was too dark for me to see which children were smoking marijuana, but I definitely told the camp director about the marijuana smell.

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