The delivery driver position was open for anyone to take

When Jack quit working at the marijuana dispensary, there was a delivery driver position open, but i wanted the delivery driver position as well as I told the boss that I was willing to do anything; She put myself and others at the top of the list for the position.

I started driving a couple of days later, however being a driver is a lot unusual than working inside of the marijuana dispensary.

I do not have to deal with client concerns as much! Every once in a while there is a client that is aggravated as well as I have to turn on the charm, and this was the case last Thursday when I forgot to bring a product to a customer. The client ordered several jars of cannabis concentrate as well as an Elixir. I forgot to grab the Elixir off the shelf before I left that afternoon; When the client realized that I forgot section of his order, the guy got aggravated as well as started complaining. I politely as well as calmly told the client that it was an oversight as well as an accident. I offered to bring the product back to his lake house with our next order. The guy was irate as well as convinced that I forgot the Cannabis product on purpose. I tried everything possible to make the guy cheerful, even though he still called the boss to complain; After I got back to the dispensary, the boss told myself and others about the client complaint as well as he asked myself and others to return to the address with the items that I forgot. At least the client provided myself and others a hour tip when I returned with the rest of the order.

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