The police officer let me go with a warning

My friends and I went on vacation last month.

We decided to go to the beach.

We rented a really nice condo close to the water with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a porch outside. We also had access to an inground pool, fitness center, and steam room. My friends and I were excited to visit the beach location for a couple of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons was the fact that we were visiting a place with legal recreational marijuana. My friends and I were excited to go to a dispensary. After we arrived at our destination, we looked for a dispensary close to our condo. There wasn’t anything in town, but we found a place in the next city over. My friends and I went to the dispensary for the first time. There was a huge selection of products inside the store. It made our decision much more difficult to make. Jack picked out an infused pre-roll that was $20. I picked out some marijuana flower and a couple of bags of edibles. As soon as we left the dispensary, Jack lit up the joint in the backseat of the car. Jack took a couple of puffs from the marijuana cigarette and then he handed it to me in the front seat. I took a couple of puffs from the marijuana cigarette too. I did not realize there was a police officer in the lane next to my car. The guy looked right at me as I was smoking the marijuana joint. He flipped on the lights and pulled me over to the side of the road. I thought my friends and I were doomed, but the police officer gave us a warning instead of a ticket. Since we weren’t familiar with the laws, he let us go with a warning.


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