Homemade CBD treats

Since I started dating our new girlfriend, I have slowly started going out again & exploring the city. I was a homebody for the past numerous years & rarely visited the downtown district, except for shopping at recognizable stores. My partner likes going to public events, especially art festivals. She took me to a little greens & jazz festival last year & I had a blast. It’s refreshing to enjoy the sunshine on our skin & a breeze blowing through our hair. My lake house gives me a relative feeling of calm, but at the cost of keeping me in a state of self-confinement. Going out with our girlfriend daily is starting to undo all of that, & I am thankful to experience & benefit from the swings. Every week every one of us visits this farmer market that is near our house because of the delicious fresh fruit & vegetables that every one of us get from one of the vendors. Recently every one of us found a vendor that grows & processes her own hemp & CBD products. She sells these potent CBD gummies that she makes at the house with a certain recipe. They’re some of the most delicious & effective CBD gummies I’ve ever had, in part because she uses a full spectrum CBD extract that is rich in terpenes & cannabinoids prefer CBG, CBC, CBN, & THCV. Compared to weaker cannabis gummies that are only made with pure CBD isolate powder, you get a slight “entourage effect” from the homemade CBD gummies at the farmer’s market. Her costs can’t be beat either, so it’s a no brainer for our girlfriend & I.


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