Using a full spectrum CBD balm to treat carpal tunnel pain

Many of us overlook the damage we’re doing to our bodies while we’re young. I wasn’t an athlete, but I have been an avid weightlifter since 16. You take it for granted sometimes that the pain you’re feeling in your wrists is creating strains on the tendons that aren’t going to simply heal and rebound 100%. It’s hard working at a computer all day now because I have a severe carpal tunnel in my left wrist. My other wrist hurts from time to time, but it’s the left one that has to be in a brace otherwise I cannot use it to type. The pain is excruciating if I try typing without the brace on. At first I tried using the basic wrist wraps that are often worn by musicians and weightlifters, but they weren’t enough. I kept experiencing pain and noticed that they did little to help. That’s when I graduated to the more extensive wrist braces that I now use daily. Keeping the brace on my wrist whenever I’m typing is half the battle, but I still get pain throughout the day when I’m doing normal tasks. A friend of mine urged me to try this full spectrum CBD balm that they get from their local pharmacy. I have heard about hemp products in the past, but this was my first time actually trying one. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But when I started to feel a slight numbing effect after about 20 minutes of skin exposure, I was pleasantly surprised! Now I’m using the CBD balm daily and enjoying the soothing effects on my carpal tunnel pain. Between the CBD balm and the wrist braces, I finally feel like I’m making headway with injuries.

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