They were selling CBD for pets.

Less than a marijuana dispensary the other day, I saw that they were selling CBD for pets.

I had never realized that people gave CBD to their pets, so I asked a few questions.

I wanted to know, under what ‌ conditions you would give CBD to your dog. The budtender told me that CBD products are safe for any kind of animal including fish and birds. She said they all ‌have pain at one time or another, or nervous tics from being kept in the house all the time. They showed CBD to effectively calm an animal down and/or help them ‌tolerate pain. I had a German Shepherd at home, and she was suffering from hip dysplasia. I asked if CBD could help her with pain and make it easier for her to walk. Lately, she had been having such a difficult time walking that she could not make it outside in time to relieve herself. I felt guilty when I got angry at her for relieving herself on my new living room carpet, but I knew she was in pain. If I could take CBD home from the dispensary, and give it to my dog, maybe she wouldn’t have so much pain walking, and be able to get outside to relieve herself. I was basically talking all of this out to myself, when the budtender told me they had a special display just for pets. It surprised me ‌I had never noticed the pet CBD display. I not only had my own CBD in the bag when I left, but I had CBD for my dog.

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