I needed to change how I do business

I used to own a high end steakhouse until the virus hit and changed everything.

Local laws caused me to close briefly until I could transition to operating as a carry-out only business. Thankfully more than 2 of my best clients were loyal enough to continue purchasing my food… But, they were not enough to offset the waning interest in eating out when more than 2 people started staying at home and cooking more often. Towards the end I realized that the only way to survive in the food industry was by taking a good look at home delivery options. That’s how Amazon beat out book sellers like Walden Books to eventually become a global marketplace for products of all kinds. Still, I realized that the food industry was too volatile for my liking, so I sold my steakhouse and started a cannabis delivery repair instead. My brother is a master grower and is going to be the head of cultivation. To get an online presence going instantly, I’m finally working with an internet marketing supplier. I’m hoping to get an effective website designed with a focus on search engine optimization for cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis SEO services are a growing market because they’re needed in states with expanding marijuana industries. Every election period sees another state either expanding their cannabis markets with recreational weed, or creating them for the first time with medical marijuana. Regardless, there are new dealers being created all of the time in these emerging cannabis markets. The cannabis companies love mine need marketing help in the 21st century, often operating in a completely new industry.

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