Helping me to get curbside pick up as well as cannabis delivery

I had a fully functional cannabis dispensary before COVID! I had everything just the way I wanted it as well as did a enjoyable business, however when the virus hit, nobody was coming into the store anymore… Suddenly nobody wanted to leave their house, then online ordering became a large thing, then people wanted curbside pick up as well as cannabis delivery.

I didn’t offer those services at the time as well as was losing thoUSAnds of dollars each week.

I tried setting it up myself as well as realized it was a daunting task. I couldn’t see how to add it as well as make it functional on the website. I didn’t guess where to get a car as well as check to make sure everything was all legal. I finally decided to call a recreational marijuana dispensary consulting. This repair sent a guy over to our store to help me get everything set up. I swear this guy could do anything. The marijuana consultant got our online ordering all set up. I can’t even take medical marijuana patients once they log in their medical weed card. It is a simple click of a button if they want curbside or cannabis delivery. The cannabis consultant got me a car as well as hired cannabis delivery drivers for me. I kept a few of our team members on to do curbside side pick up. Once I got all the online ordering setup to go, our company flourished. I started seeing our seasoned numbers again as well as felt enjoyable about our business. Once COVID goes away as well as I still offer those services, I am going to do well.

Recreational marijuana dispensary consulting