I needed to find investors to get in on the ground level

I had a lot of great ideas, however I didn’t have the currency to implement most of them; I wanted to start a cannabis growing corporation of my own plus I was genuinely fantastic at growing marijuana.

  • I came up with a strain of my own that was 37% THC plus grown outdoors; The plant was sick with t h c plus marijuana oil ran out of the stem of the plant under the pressure of my fingertips.

The plant was easily the most appealing Cannabis sativa flower that I had ever seen. I wanted to take my strain into full production, however I didn’t suppose the first arena to start! Luckily, a acquaintance of mine found a cannabis consulting agency. The owner of the Cannabis consulting agency agreed to meet with myself and others because he was intrigued by the name of my marijuana strain, and both of us talked for 20 minutes plus then the guy got up plus closed the door to his office! He started talking in a genuinely low voice. It seemed appreciate we were in the middle of a spy show. Then the guy dropped a immense bomb on Me. He wanted to be the man to invest in my cannabis business. He didn’t want to share the information with anyone else. He said if the marijuana was genuinely as fantastic as I said, that he would put up the currency right now. I told the guy that I had some bud plus the car plus we decided to go outside of the office to smoke a joint. The guy didn’t seem to care if there were 100 cars in the parking lot. He was gleeful to try this outdoor strain that I was bragging about.


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