I needed to consult a web design specialist.

I spent three days creating my website.

When I was done, I proudly looked at my website and then I cried. Instead of being proud of the website I had created, I saw something that looked like my five-year-old had created it. There was a lot of misspelling, punctuation problems, and poor grammar. My pictures look like someone had taken a stamp and just placed it here and there, and very few of them matched the heading I had to go with them. I didn’t want someone to look at a vape pen and think that it was a vial of RSO oil. I had read how it was important to have SEO on your website. What I thought was SE0 was just words that I created. I called an online web design specialist and consulted with him. I told him I knew SEO was important, but I didn’t really know what words to use as keywords. He gave me a long list, but after looking at my website, he said I needed more help than just with keywords. He sent me information along with a mockup of what my landing page should look like. Comparing that one page to what I had was like comparing the moon to the sun. His webpage completely outshined mine. I asked if he was taking new customers and I was thrilled when he said yes. I was glad I consulted a web design specialist for my online cannabis dispensary. I would have wasted a lot of money purchasing the online cannabis dispensary, if it hadn’t been for the web design specialist.



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