I stick to using CBD from the local dispensary

There has been a massive CBD craze in this country over the past four to five years.

The federal government finally solidified the legality of CBD & hemp in 2018 with more up-to-date legislation.

Before 2018, hemp in America were in a legal gray area. The 2014 Farm Bills stated that CBD oil produced from legally compliant “hemp” was okay to produce & sell commercially. The 2018 Farm Bills solidified this move & defined “hemp” as cannabis with anything less than 0.3% of THC content inside while anything else would remain classified as “marijuana.” Despite these strict distinctions, it’s strenuous to tell the more than one apart. Although real marijuana often possesses a dank stink that isn’t quite possible with hemp varieties, most cops wouldn’t be able to discern the difference. You easily wouldn’t want to be smoking a hemp joint while behind the wheel of the car unless you’re looking for a DUI charge. Much of the CBD sold in local stores has very dubious origins anyway. Most of it isn’t lab ran tests on to make sure there aren’t residual solvents or harsh pesticides left over from the extraction process. When I want CBD products to supplement my marijuana, I get all of my hemp & CBD from an online shop that grows their own hemp in an organic greenhouse. Once the hemp flowers are harvested & slow-cured, samples are sent to a lab for purity testing before they are sold to buyers. Every single batch of CBD oil from this store features a lab report clearing it for any harmful contaminants. It also confirms that the THC levels are compliant & below 0.3% at all times.

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