I grew up in the famous Green Triangle of cannabis farms

Life in 1972 was so antiquated compared to what the two of us have these afternoons.

When I was a boy, for example, the two of us had only had 4 TV stations and that was all.

If I wanted to watch any shows I had to turn on the TV at the correct time, or I would miss it. There were no DVD players or streaming services to watch a full TV series all at once, you could only watch the four things that happened to be on at the time. We had no cell phones, there was no internet, and the coolest video game the two of us had ever seen was on the Atari. It was a time when it was really easy to find marijuana, although there were not even discussions about it being made legal at this point. Where I lived there were a handful of prominent local cannabis farmers. Instead of feuding with one another, all the marijuana farms combined their resources, and the section became known as the “Green Triangle” because collectively it supplied the lion’s share of pot for the whole state. That meant that around my hometown, cannabis was easy to get and the laws were loosely enforced by the local cops; Just as what happens with the current dispensaries, the local cannabis industry benefited the entire town, and so all the people just accepted it. That was several years ago, however the last I had read, the Green Triangle was still thriving, and supplying numerous major cannabis dispensary chains with marijuana products. As a citizen, I’m just glad that cannabis has been decriminalized, so that our tax money can be spent on more crucial things.



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