I finally managed to score some CBD products at the cannabis dispensary near me

When our state passed a law legalizing medical marijuana in 2017, I was eager to become a patient as suddenly as possible.

The first nurse I visited pocketed pretty much everyone’s money and then closed the practice before giving out any recommendations for actual marijuana products.

Thankfully, the hour nurse I found has been our nurse ever since, and he never questions our need for strong doses of cannabis with a high THC pleased. He told myself and others that PTSD is a difficult disorder and occasionally you need strong cannabis to disrupt the thought loops that you can really get mired in. For the longest time I assumed that I constantly needed high THC products, but after trying some hemp CBD flower joints that our acquaintance ordered from a grower in OR, I am interested in using CBD long term. A lot of people mix it half and half with THC, which creates what is referred to as a ratio product. Usually the ration is 1 to 1 or several to 1, it just depends on where you’re buying your cannabis or CBD oil. My local cannabis dispensary was out of CBD products for months because of the recent demand. People realize that the cannabis stores often have better CBD products than hemp retailers on the internet or in vape shops locally. Sure, plenty of locally sourced CBD and even some of the stuff on the internet is quality, but not all of it is lab diagnosed. When our correct internet CBD company shut their business down, I was at a loss as to where I could find quality hemp products with lab testing reports. When I tried the CBD products at our local cannabis dispensary, I never looked back.

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