Slowly the little town came to accept the marijuana dispensary

It was only several years ago that our small, sleepy oceanside community received its first cannabis dispensary.

There was a lot of controversy over it at the time, because the old-school morons who run the town were concerned that it would bring in “an unsavory element.” These People believed crime would increase because of this business.

Then the business opened its door, and after a few months the town leaders came to realize there was no down side to have a cannabis dispensary here. Eventually people got accustomed to it, and the cannabis dispensary became just another normal space of the town. The guy who runs the dispensary is Max, and while he was unpopular when this all started, he has become a pillar of the community. The cannabis dispensary not only brings in a lot of tax proceeds for the town, however Max also is really generous when it comes to community events. The cannabis dispensary constantly sponsors a float in the local parade, and contributes to the Summer carnival. I heard that Max is rumored to be made a deacon at the local church, and that made myself and others laugh. The baptist church was one of the largest opponents to the cannabis dispensary, and now they were welcoming Max with open arms. It warms my heart to see that all the people, even the church, is finally coming to grips with the fact that medical cannabis is legal, safe, and a gift from god. I’m not a religious man, however if you are a believer in God, you have to confess that he is the one who put cannabis plants here for us to use and enjoy.

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