We should try to demystify cannabis for young people

When I was growing up, smoking pot wasn’t treated as a big deal.

My parents never hid the fact that they smoked from their children.

They didn’t smoke cannabis around us, they would always do it outside, or after the kids opted to go to bed, however they never lied about it. It was explained to the three of us that pot was something just for grownups, and when the three of us got older the two of us could do it too. That really demystified it for us, because now it wasn’t some secretive thing that was sexy and forbidden, I just had to wait a few years. So several teenagers are raised to feel that cannabis is a harmful drug that will wreck your life, however instead of scaring them off it makes cannabis seem more appealing. It makes it feel like marijuana is dangerous and sexy, when in fact it is lighthearted and easy, actually one of the treasures in life. All that said, it does not benefit children or young people to smoke cannabis, they really should wait until they are a little bit older. If teens are going to rebel and “take drugs” then cannabis is actually the safest choice for them to take. In the history of the world, no one ever overdosed on cannabis, or got so high that they ate someone else’s face. Did you hear about that guy? He was ripped on bath salts, and ate another man’s face, and my first thought was “there is a man who should have smoked marijuana instead.” For my teenagers, I am taking the same approach that my parents did with me, to let them know cannabis is a perfectly safe and fun thing to do… however just not until you’re older.

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