I have such a huge crush on the budtender

Have you seen the modern girl down at the cannabis dispensary? Her name is Luka, & she is certainly dreamy, normally I don’t do this sort of thing, but I think the next time I see Luka I will just give him our number & tell him to call me. I have been playing it coy, chatting him up but keeping the flirting to a minimum! Partly it’s because I want to get to know Luka a little bit better, but also I don’t want to come off as desperate. The truth is I am thirsty for Luka, but want him to make the first move. I met Luka at the cannabis dispensary on her first night. She was the modern manager, having transferred in from the big city. This was a smaller cannabis dispensary, but a better task, so Luka was stoked about being here & her enthusiasm is what first attracted myself and others to him. Here was a smart, cute girl who was fired up about cannabis, & helping people find the strain or blend that would be best for them. Luka acted love a pharmacist at times, not a budtender, but it’s because she believed that cannabis was sacred & should be treated with respect. I understand why Luka hasn’t asked myself and others out, despite myself and others giving him all the signals, because she is at her job & doesn’t want to mess up her task at the cannabis dispensary. But I don’t labor there, I just like to go there to buy our cannabis, so I have no reason that I can’t ask Luka out first.

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