I’ve got my eye on that new budtender at the dispensary

This is a pretty small town, so it’s rare I get to meet new people.

This is the sort of place where everyone knows everyone, and half the people I call friends have been my friends since grade school.

A new guy moved here recently, and I only just met him but I am crushing on him hard. He is cute, he seems really smart, and actually moved back here after getting his two year degree at the university. I have been chatting him up for a couple weeks now, and think I need to make my move before someone else does. He works at the cannabis dispensary, so it’s been easy to see him a couple of times a week. I used to buy larger quantities, so I didn’t need to visit the cannabis dispensary more than once or twice a month. Once Kenny started working there I started buying just a few grams of cannabis at a time, so I would have a reason to return quickly. Of course I should just put on my big-girl panties and ask him out myself, but I’m old fashioned and I want him to ask me, so I just keep flirting a little more every time I go into the cannabis dispensary. My friends have been teasing me for doing my hair and putting on makeup before going to buy cannabis, but I don’t care. Kenny is new, he’s exciting, not to mention he gets an employee discount on all marijuana products, which makes him boyfriend material! Let’s hope he asks me out soon.

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