Taking my elderly uncle to the cannabis dispensary

Uncle Erlich is a crazy old man, but I love him to pieces.

My mom moved out when I was so young I can’t even remember her.

I found out later that part of the reason for that was because Dad had come out as gay to her. Back then it was considered a shameful thing, but after he had me dad realized he had to be true to himself. How could he be a role model to his new child if he was living a lie? Uncle Erlich is not my uncle, but my dad’s long time partner. He and I share a fondness for cannabis, and since Dad passed away we are the only family we have left! In our state they have very strict regulations about medical marijuana, but Uncle Erlich has his prescription card with no limits on it. I asked him how much cannabis he could buy at once, and he said he didn’t know, but that it would never be necessary. He never bought in quantity, because he liked variety in his cannabis, so he liked to pick a different strain or hybrid every time he went in. We had a lot of great afternoons hitting the cannabis dispensary then visited a local park and sitting by a lake feeding the ducks. Our days are always fueled with cannabis smoke and laughter, and they have become a highlight of my week. Uncle Erlich also gives me all the cannabis I want for free, which is nice. I haven’t paid for pot in two years!

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