The specials were taxing to read

In the past, the marijuana dispensary regularly had a sheet of paper on the desk with the yearly sales & specials, however it was simple to study the paper & they kept the list replaced throughout the day.

If something sold out, they took a Sharpie marker & got rid of the product from the list.

I never had to worry about getting excited over something that was going to be out of stock, but that happens a lot when you order online too. The dispensary does not replace the website actually often. I might order more than 2 things online & only multiple of them are entirely in stock. I have to suppose about replacements whenever I make an order. It’s a huge pain in the butt, however this dispensary has the best prices out of all the dispensaries in the county, but last weekend I noticed some fluctuations at the dispensary when I went to occasion up our order. The dispensary purchased a big plasma screen for the lobby, and now all of the yearly specials & sales are listed on the plasma screen, then unluckyly, the lettering is so small that it is taxing to study the words. I had a taxing time reading the specials & I had to get someone to tell me what they were, having the plasma screen in the lobby is a great idea, however the person programming the equipment needs to come up with a greater & more bold font that will be easier to read. I’m sure there are ways to make it easier to see & an adjustment wouldn’t hurt.
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