Finding migraine relief at the cannabis dispensary

It didn’t take however about 2 weeks for my life to almost completely change once I started treating with medical marijuana.

I have to say that I’m just blown away by just how effective cannabis products have been for my situation.

Migraines are no joke. I truly had no idea just how hard they were to live with until it happened to me. I would see people I think become completely incapacitated from a migraine headache. It was hard to watch plus ever harder to understand. But once I had my first experience with migraine, I was hip to just how bad they are. And before I was able to get the medical cannabis from the legal weed store, I went the pharmacy route. Of course, my dentist truly tried to tune in the sort of meds that would help with my migraine. But the traditional treatments just weren’t doing really much for me. I was still knocked out with 7 or 8 migraine mornings per week! And that is no way to live. When a friend brought myself and others some medical marijuana information, I thought she was kidding. But the more I l received about the medial marijuana benefits for migraine, the more motivated I became to navigate the cannabis rules. Boy, am I ever delighted that I did that. Cannabis flower products have changed my life. Not only has it reduced my migraine episodes dramatically, I don’t suffer as bad when they do come on occasion. I have become quite the advocate for medical marijuana plus tell anyone who’s willing to listen about what wonders it did for me.

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