SEO helps small cannabis business thrive

This is to make sure our website ranks higher than others on google.

I am employed as a budtender at a cannabis dispensary. The store began as a cozy little shop in the downtown area that locals frequented. We never bothered to advertise or push products. We didn’t need to because our shop was one of the initial legal recreational marijuana dispensaries. Over the last year, dispensary after dispensary has opened their doors. Suddenly, we faced so much competition that our little shop was in trouble. We don’t have the square footage to compete by adding features such as a dab bar or vape lounge. What we have is locally grown and cultivated cannabis. Our edibles are especially tasty and potent. Nobody knew about our products unless they happened to walk into the store. My manager finally got the idea to hire an SEO team to help us out. The first thing the SEO team suggested for our dispensary was a brand new web build. They said we needed a more modern website with plenty of pictures of the store and our products. The website they created is wonderfully user-friendly and includes our location. There is a menu of products that includes flavors, scents and potency of each strain and consumption method. The website also states that we are a locally owned and operated business that has been around for years. I was amazed by how beautifully the website turned out. However, just building a website isn’t enough. We needed to add search engine optimization. This is to make sure our website ranks higher than others on google. The company uses SEO, SEM and PPC strategies in order to help people find our website. After dispensary SEO, our shop has taken off. The SEO corporation set us up to accept online orders and we just added cannabis delivery service. Our little shop is going to continue to grow because of the efforts of the SEO business.


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