The new job is way better than the old one

Medical marijuana is used for a number of physical and emotional ailments. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 29 States across the country. Many studies show that 80% or more of Americans actually support legalizing medical or recreational marijuana. There are millions of Americans that currently use the plant for its medicinal benefits. I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. There are a number of dispensaries in the region. Each one of the marijuana dispensaries has a different sale or special throughout the week. If you look hard enough, you can find cheap prices on medical marijuana. I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for the past two years. I started using medical marijuana to regulate my mood. I was suffering from terrible and severe depression. The doctor recommended medical marijuana to help. When my job found out that I was using marijuana everyday, they acted like I was smoking crack or using methamphetamines. They pushed me out of the job using every legal tactic possible. When I looked for a new job, I knew it was important to find a position within a place that did not care about marijuana use. I decided to apply for a position with a medical marijuana clinic. As a delivery driver for the clinic, I receive an hourly wage that is the state minimum and I also earn tips. I also receive a hefty discount on all medical marijuana supplies that are purchased in the dispensary. I no longer have to worry about my job and I get great deals on weed.
Weed delivery